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Recorded Webinar: Mobile App Parsing- All About that Data

Every day new mobile applications hit the App Store and Google Play. Many of these new apps contain chat functions or other storage that can be crucial evidence in a case. Often these apps are not yet supported by commercial tools. Join Cesar...

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Connections in Magnet AXIOM Q&A Part 1

In our previous blog post, “Telling the Story of Digital Evidence,” we outlined how the Connections feature in Magnet AXIOM automatically shows where key digital evidence came from, where it is currently located, who it...

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Telling the Story of Digital Evidence

In digital forensics, demonstrating attribution—using operating system artifacts to prove that the suspect had knowledge of the document or image files found on a device—is one of the key elements of building a case. The...

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The Benefits of the Artifacts-Oriented Approach (Part 3)

Our previous two blogs covered the reasons why we think file system forensics’ marginal returns are rapidly diminishing, and the changes in consumer electronics that continue to drive the need for a focus on artifacts...

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