Employee Misconduct

When employees act inappropriately, they put your company’s culture, network, and reputation at risk. Get the evidence you need to make the right decision and safeguard your business.

Don’t let Employee Misconduct harm your business

Almost every organization, regardless of size or industry, will inevitably have the need to perform HR-related investigations at some point or another. Whether it’s harassment, misuse of corporate assets or another type of infraction, employers must take all of these claims and reports seriously to protect not only the people involved, but the culture of the organization and its bottom line.

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When investigating claims of sexual harassment, use artificial intelligence to quickly scan your case file for sexual conversations or images and surface them review and analysis.


Cloud Data

Acquire from cloud services like Slack, Microsoft Team and Office 365 with user or Admin credentials. Incorporate evidence from social media or “Download Your Data” to see both sides of the story.


Covert Collection

AXIOM Cyber’s remote covert agent can be deployed to a target endpoint without raising suspicion from the end user that they are under investigation.



Narrow in on both file system or artifact timestamps of a known or reported incident to speed up your investigation and preserve the privacy of all parties.