Agency-wide digital investigation transformation

Transform your digital investigations with powerful analytics and collaborate agency-wide, securely and at scale

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The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite helps you increase efficiency and collaborate agency-wide, while operating securely & transparently to reduce risk.

Deploy the solutions separately or as an integrated suite to fully leverage the benefits of automated evidence processing, collaborative evidence review for non-technical investigators, and centralized case data management.

Increase efficiency, collaborate agency-wide, and reduce risk. Meet with our experts to get started today.

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Improve efficiency to meet increasing demands

Transform your agency’s capability to confidently meet capacity demands today, and tomorrow. Harness the power of automation and orchestration technology to create efficiencies and reduce time to evidence.

Share & collaborate agency-wide, from anywhere

Create a single source of data for forensic examiners and agency-wide stakeholders. Store case information and evidence in one location, enable evidence review from anywhere using a purpose-built interface for investigators, and keep all stakeholders informed on case status details.

Operate securely & transparently to reduce risk

Our solutions enable full traceability and auditability across the entire workflow. Generate proof to show that processes and procedures were followed, and results can be reproduced.

Leverage lab & case analytics for data-driven decision making

Using simple and visual dashboards to analyze key lab and case metrics you can make better procurement, resourcing, and productivity decisions. Report on the effectiveness and ROI of your transformation efforts.

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The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite was designed to leverage your investment and amplify the processing and analytics power of Axiom.

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Customer story

How Magnet Forensics Products help the MNPD solve violent crime

Metro Nashville Police Department has implemented a number of Magnet Forensics tools in their lab, including Magnet Axiom, Magnet Automate, Magnet Outrider, and Magnet Atlas. Find out how those tools are helping them solve cases faster, eliminate backlogs, and improve the working conditions for everyone on the team.

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The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

Before Stephen Boyce became the Director of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, he worked for six and a half years in the Federal Government working for agencies of the U.S. State Department and the FBI.

Increase efficiency, collaborate agency-wide, and reduce risk. Meet with our experts to get started today.

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