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Magnet Forensics’ customers are doing some of the most important work in the world. Their tireless pursuit of justice is inspiring, and we develop our products to make sure they have everything they need to get to the truth.

Hear From Some of Our Customers

"Magnet AXIOM forms quite an intrinsic part of our investigation process."

– Matt Carson, East Midlands Cyber Resiliency, Police Delivery Lead

Hear from Matt Carson about how the team at East Midlands Cyber Resiliency leverages Magnet Forensics tools to meet the digital investigation needs of their clients and community.

"Magnet's tools are designed to work in a cloud and remote environment, and we are able to succeed because of that."

– William Odom, Co-Founder of Orbital, Former FBI

Hear from William Odom, co-founder of Orbital about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber's artifact-first approach to simplify digital investigations for his clients.

"Magnet Forensics products have reduced the time I need to spend on examinations."

– Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant

Hear from Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant at a global consulting firm, about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber for his corporate digital investigations.

“I choose Magnet Forensics because they provide tools built by practitioners, for practitioners”

– Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations

Get firsthand insight from Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations at Consilio, on why he uses Magnet Forensics products for his digital forensics and eDiscovery investigations.

"Magnet AXIOM can do computers, mobile devices, and Cloud data, all in one tool."

– Eugene Silva, Retired Waterloo Regional Police Service Professional Services & Consultant, Magnet Forensics

Hear from Eugene Silva, about his experience collecting data from the most sources all in one case file, with Magnet AXIOM.

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The Magnet Digital Investigation Suite

Before Stephen Boyce became the Director of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite, he worked for six and a half years in the Federal Government working for agencies of the U.S. State Department and the FBI.

Case Studies by Industry

The nature of crime is evolving, whether you’re a corporate or law enforcement examiner, you are faced with the growing complexity of digital forensics investigations.

Read some examples from real customers talking about their work and how we were able to help.

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