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Modern digital forensics tools: how new tools cut through the noise to find evidence

In this case study we will share the words of Detective Chad Gish of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department.  

Magnet Axiom is one of Detective Gish’s go-to-tools and it’s part of what allows him to create the story of what has happened based on the data collected from digital devices. Today, it’s rare, according to Detective Gish, that “we see a crime committed by someone without a computer in their pocket.”

With Magnet Axiom, Gish is able to collect data from multiple sources all-in-one case file, whether it be data from mobile extractions from Magnet GrayKey, cloud data from an iCloud backup or a Google warrant return, or vehicle data from Berla iVe. With the geolocation data reviewed in Axiom, it can also be used to locate likely locations to acquire CCTV footage with Magnet DVR Examiner.  

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