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How Magnet Forensics launched a new chapter for itself and the Waterloo tech scene

Hopes that the first IPO in 15 years will usher in a new wave of entrepreneurship

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Opinion: Cybercriminals are preying on Canadians. That needs to become a government priority

Global losses attributed to cybercrime reportedly hit $1 trillion in 2020 — an increase of 50 per cent from 2018.

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This Waterloo tech start-up is the first to go public in 15 years

Magnet Forensics says their software is built to uncover the truth. Belsher and Saliba are excited to see both private and public sector organizations continue to take advantage of their technology.

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We feel very good about our position in the cybersecurity market: Magnet Forensics CEO

Canadian cybersecurity firm Magnet Forensics is the first Waterloo, Ontario tech company to go public in 15 years. Adam Belsher, CEO of Magnet Forensics, joins BNN Bloomberg to talk about the business, the focus on digital forensics, the cybersecurity market and the IPO.

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Canadian crime fighter Magnet Forensics finds work with Fortune 100 as pandemic fuels cybercrime

It turns out that the same sorts of digital crime fighting tools used to investigate everything from the Boston Marathon bombing to the Quebec mosque shooting are also adept at solving instances of fraud, IP theft and employee misconduct, something that has helped Magnet grow its private-sector business to approximately 1,500 corporate clients, including more than half of the Fortune 100 companies.

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Canada is failing to keep its children safe online

A sharp rise in child pornography shows that law enforcement is not keeping up with evolving technologies

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We’re also in a cyberpandemic – do we have a protective plan?

The pandemic has exposed the growing cyber-risk to Canadians given the acceleration of the adoption of digital technologies to maintain essential services such as payments from government, health care, education, the justice system and commerce.

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Innovation Nation: How a Canadian tech firm is assisting police in the fight against child exploitation

Magnet Forensics, a Waterloo tech firm, helps police bring the criminal elements inhabiting the web to light

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Former Cop Now Busts Bad Guys Digitally

Before RCMP Sergeant Jeff Cameron left his Edmonton office on Friday, Dec. 16, he took a laptop seized in a drug bust, hooked it up to his computer and clicked “run” on digital forensics software created in Waterloo, Ont.

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Tackling the Digital Evidence Tsunami

Chief Bryan Larkin, Waterloo Regional Police Service, and Adam Belsher, CEO, Magnet Forensics discuss how digital forensics labs are using new solutions, like Magnet SHIELD, to help manage the increasing amounts of digital evidence they're working through.

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Twist of Fate Opens Door To Digital Forensics Startup

It was one of those unexpected twists of fate that led Jad Saliba down a completely new path and into his own digital forensics technology company.


Re-imagining policing for the digital age

Critical evidence in investigations is shifting from analog to digital formats at a rapid pace. For police agencies to keep up, they must be strategic in their approaches to technology, talent, partnerships and public policy.

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Partnering Technology to Protect Children

A new partnership between the non-profit Child Rescue Coalition (CRC) and digital forensics company Magnet Forensics seeks to make this type of investigation more efficient, with CPS and Magnet’s AXIOM forensic tool coming together to automatically compare the suspect’s data with the CPS report of online activity.

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With child sexual abuse crimes on the rise, on- and offline safety needs prioritizing

There are likely few more traumatizing moments for a family and their community than finding out a child has been abducted or abused by a family member, another trusted member of their community, or a complete stranger.

Police Chief

Technology Talk: Protecting Children through Collaboration

Finding out that a child has been abducted or abused is one of the most traumatizing moments for a family, their community, and its police agency. To prevent this, we have developed sophisticated organizations like children’s aid societies, encouraged the use of AMBER Alerts or other missing child notifications through robust networks between law enforcement..

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5 Enduring Challenges of Mobile Forensics

The practice of mmobile forensics has evolved dramatically over the last 15 years -- and naturally so have its challenges

Police Chief

Coming Out of the Dark

The modern, digitally connected world has created enormous benefits for individual's business and personal lives. However the advancements in technology have not been wholly positive. The development of consumer encryption, both on mobile devices and data in transit have created a situation where sophisticated criminals have a significant amount of digital privacy

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FBI Shines a Light on the Problem of Evidence-Holding Technology Going Dark

Early last year, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) reported that it was unable to unlock the mobile phone used by shooter Syed Rizwan Farook in the 2015 San Bernardino terror attack

Forensic Focus

Smart Technology Decisions To Improve Case Collaboration

Nearly every crime involves some kind of digital evidence. As the number of connected devices and data they create increases, the numbers of staff who image, search, and analyze the evidence often remain limited.

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Making Waterloo's Magner Forensics Purchases - U.S. Based Companies

Magnet Forensics announced this week that it had purchased Sentinel Data, a Virginia-based firm which provides similar services.

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Magnet Forensics Acquires Sentinel Data to Help Investigators Manage Digital Evidence

Waterloo-based Magnet Forensics, which develops digital investigation software for forensic professionals, has acquired Virginia-based Sentinel Data

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Magnet Forensics Helps Law Enforcement Track Digital Evidence

In an interview with MeriTalk State & Local, CEO Adam Belsher discussed the challenges facing law enforcement and forensics labs and how Magnet Forensics' technology can help improve workflow and efficiency.

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How this Waterloo Ex-Cop's Evidence-Gathering Software is Changing How We Investigate

Using a software program called Internet Evidence Finder, the Federal Bureau of Investigation was able to narrow those 20,000 records down to 735 relevant ones in just a few months

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How Magnet Forensics Uses Software, Data to Help Law Enforcers Battle Crime

Jad Saliba was working as a police officer in Waterloo, Ontario until a cancer diagnosis forced him off the street.

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Mobile Encryption Arms Race Heats Up

Waterloo-based Magnet Forensics is among the largest of those developers with 2,600 law enforcement and national security agency customers in 92 countries, says Jad Saliba, founder and chief technology officer of the firm in a written statement to the Star

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Six Local Firms on Deloitte's Fast 50 List

Six firms in Waterloo Region are on this year's list of Canada's fastest growing technology companies. Magnet Forensics, Aeryon Labs, Dehero Labs, Miovision Technologies, eSentire and Igloo Software are on Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 list, which is based on revenue growth over the previous four years.

Forensic Focus

CEO Adam Belsher Interviews with Forensic Focus

Scar de Courcier of Forensic Focus caught up with our CEO, Adam Belsher, at the Forensics Europe Expo in April.


Magnet Forensics Poised to Tackle 'Billion-Dollar Market'

Anthony Reinhart, Communitech's writing guru, interviewed our CEO Adam Belsher for a deep dive into what has made Magnet Forensics so successful in just two years.


Attracting the Worst Kind of Predator - Magnet Forensics is on the Cyber-Hunt for Clues to Stop Crooks and Creeps

Owners and entrepreneurs understand that rare energy experience when passion produces profit, stimulates growth and attracts talent.

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Mature Waterloo Entrepreneurs Defy Tech Industry Age Stereotyping

One of the most revered values in Silicon Valley is the notion that anyone with a great idea can become a success story.

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Magnet Forensics is Everything a Start-Up Should Be

The company is lean, produce incredibly strong revenue growth and grows by retaining earnings, not seeking investment. But what makes it stand out is that the company's technology offers a massive benefit to society.


Crime Pays

Jad Saliba created the Internet Evidence Finder program while he was a cop with the Waterloo Regional Polics.

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Software from Waterloo Region Used Around the World

As polive forces use increasingly high tech tools to find evidence, their computer forensic teams are getting the latest software from Waterloo Region's Magnet Forensics

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Commit a Crime Abroad? A Canadian Firm May Find You

Gary Bauer wants to silence the cacophony of telephones ringing off the hook in police stations in Canada and beyond.

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RIM's Loss is Waterloo Tech Sector Talent Pool's Gain

Research In Motion Ltd.'s campaign to convince investors and consumers that a turnaround at the struggling BlackBerry maker is still possible will no doubt continue at its annual shareholder meeting in hometown Waterloo, Ont., on Tuesday.

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In Waterloo, A Tech Sector Looks Beyond BlackBerry

It's impossible to draw the line between Research In Motion's campus and the University of Waterloo's.

Forensic Focus

Forensic Focus: Interview with JADsoftware Founder

Forensic Focus caught up with our Founder, Jad Saliba, to discuss his background and how he got involved in digital forensics.