Driving innovation to unlock the truth. Protect the innocent.

Innovation is at the heart of everything Magnet Forensics does. Crime—whether cyber or cyber-enabled—is always evolving. That’s why we’re always finding ways to access data thoroughly, using Analytics to quickly make sense of information, utilizing automation to ensure no time is wasted, and making the most of the Cloud to reduce outdated dependencies. There’s simply too much at stake.

A commitment to justice

Magnet Forensics was born both out of necessity and humble roots. Working as a frontline police officer in Canada, Jad Saliba’s duties shifted to the digital forensic unit where the lack of digital investigation options available soon became obvious. With Jad’s problem-solving nature taking over, he decided to create the tools needed to properly take on the challenges of digital evidence in criminal investigations. These tools proved so useful to law enforcement that Jad recognized an opportunity to do more for the pursuit of justice globally if he devoted himself to software development.

In 2011, he left policing to launch Magnet Forensics with Adam Belsher, who was fresh off an accomplished role as a leading executive at Research In Motion, helping bring the BlackBerry to millions of users around the world.

In 2016, David Miles, Braden Thomas, Justin Fisher, & Sean Larsson were galvanized by recent terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA, and the subsequent difficulties in extracting data from the suspect’s iPhone. Out of this came Grayshift and the creation of Graykey—an innovative tool that helped investigators access unprecedented amounts of digital evidence from iOS devices and after continual evolution, Android devices.

After several years serving the digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) community, Magnet Forensics and Grayshift came together under the Magnet Forensics name in 2023, providing an incredibly extensive digital investigation portfolio. Organizations around the world can count on their solutions to extract, analyze, and report on digital evidence in the most comprehensive and user-friendly way possible.

A global leader in digital investigations

Magnet Forensics has continued to expand its global footprint over the years, with employees working in cities around the world at our offices in Waterloo and Ottawa, Canada; Atlanta, GA, Herndon, VA; and Singapore. We have sales channels that flow through every major economic region, from North America to Asia-Pacific. With over 4,000 customers in over 100 countries, our solutions are playing a crucial role in modernizing digital investigations.

Trusted by leading corporations to help investigate cybercrime


With firm roots in law enforcement and government, and helping agencies fight cyber-enabled crimes such as child exploitation, human trafficking and terrorism, Magnet Forensics digital investigation solutions also service corporations—including several of the Fortune 100, in their fight against cybercrime. Organizations in technology, telecommunications, health care and financial services have adopted our tools to investigate corporate fraud, IP theft, employee misconduct, and external threats such as ransomware, business email compromise, and malware attacks.


We know every second counts

We don’t want digital investigations to slow down the pursuit of justice. Our products are making them more efficient, while not compromising precision, so that investigators can act quickly and decisively.


We collaborate with our customers

Magnet Forensics developed a strong reputation in the digital forensics and cybersecurity communities with reliable products that respond to the evolving realities of our customers. We listen to our customers—their feedback is critical to fueling our innovation.


We’re using technology for good

Each member of our team, from our executives to our developers, is devoted to Magnet Forensics’ mission to Unlock the truth. Protect the innocent. Beyond the impact we make through our tools, we donate funds, products, and volunteered time to causes in-line with our mission.


We’re helping to protect vulnerable populations

Magnet Forensics is passionate about helping vulnerable populations get access to justice. We support local, national, and international charities such as the Child Witness Centre, the Canadian Centre for Child Protection, and the Child Rescue Coalition. Through our own charitable initiative, The Auxtera Project, we also aim to donate our software and connect experienced digital investigator volunteers with organizations that seek justice on behalf of vulnerable populations.