Triage remote computers to quickly understand your next steps

Magnet IGNITE is an early case assessment cloud-based triage tool that performs fast, remote scans and initial analysis of endpoints.

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How Magnet IGNITE Helps

Quickly determine if data has been exfiltrated from an endpoint

Know whether outbound employees have taken valuable IP with them

Identify when asset misuse or policy violation has happened

Triage endpoints to find potentially malicious activity

Quickly triage remote target endpoints

Complete fast, remote triage of endpoints to know if a full forensic analysis is needed. Collect and review RAM as well as artifacts for incident response, network activity, file logs, live system, and more.

Access anywhere anytime

Magnet IGNITE is a browser-based tool that can be accessed anywhere with an Internet connection. Eliminate the need to travel onsite to physically collect data from an endpoint or ship collection kits back and forth.

Download triage results

Share your findings or continue with a deep dive analysis in a variety of ways. Download a zip or CSV file to share triage results with clients or other stakeholders. Or download a file that can be opened in Magnet AXIOM Cyber or Magnet AXIOM for a deep dive analysis

One agent for multiple endpoints

When performing a triage that involves multiple endpoints, simply configure the collection agent once and then deploy it to multiple targets. Have the option to make collection covert to the user of the target endpoint or not.

“Our customers need these answers as quickly as possible to minimize business interruption and Magnet IGNITE has enabled us to provide them hours — and sometimes days — earlier.”

Michael Nelson

Managing Partner, ​CYBIR



Magnet IGNITE performs fast, remote triage and initial analysis of endpoints.

Quickly gather evidence and indicators of compromise to know when a full forensic acquisition and analysis is needed.