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Quickly Assess Security Incidents

Perform rapid, remote scans and analysis of endpoints to determine the scope of an incident and your next steps.

In a recent survey of cybersecurity professionals, the No. 1 challenge cited for incident response was determining the scope of an incident.*


70% Customer reported time savings on data gathering and initial endpoint sweeping with IGNITE over traditional forensics.**

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Quickly Get Forensic Insight

Collect and review RAM as well as artifacts for incident response, network activity, file logs, live system, and more.

Artifact categories enable quick collections for specific investigations that can be leveraged by the entire team.


  1. Quickly access forensic insights that help reduce your “Mean Time To Resolve” (MTTR).
  2. Acquire artifacts from RAM and drives to get a complete picture of the incident.
  3. Equip the broader SecOps team with the tools to assess the scope of incidents.
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Scale When You Need It

As a cloud-based solution, IGNITE can immediately scale to match the size and scope of your investigation. IGNITE doesn’t require any maintenance or hardware investment.

Global collections are simplified with selectable AWS regions to facilitate data collection and allow you to meet data privacy and residency requirements.


  1. Access from anywhere, at any time.
  2. Scale your use of IGNITE as required for your investigations.
  3. Remotely scan endpoints around the globe.

Surface Indicators of Compromise

Apply YARA rules to endpoint data to quickly identify instance of the malware and other indicators of compromise.

Seamlessly transition your investigation to Magnet AXIOM Cyber for a deep-dive analysis, where required.


  1. Scan with custom or included YARA rules to identify the latest threats.
  2. Apply keyword searches and time filters to zero in on the evidence required for your case.
  3. Export a Magnet Forensics MFDB to continue your investigation in AXIOM Cyber.

Access for the Team

The rapid insight gathering of IGNITE can be used by multiple members of your team, without any added cost or licensing requirements.

Organization administrators can easily add or remove team members and manage scan packages to ensure the team is ready to investigate.


  1. Easily manage access to your corporate account and users.
  2. Monitor credit usage and balance.

Customer Story

“With IGNITE, we conduct very quick and rapid initial triage with endpoint sweeping,” Joffs notes.“ Compared to traditional forensics with scripted tools, we see a 70% time savings on data gathering and initial endpoint sweeping.”

Ted Joffs
National Incident Response Manager
Fortis by Sentinel
Fortis Uses Magnet IGNITE to Accelerate Endpoint Sweeping Initiating the Path to Faster Recovery
Read the Case Study

Products for Enterprise

Featured Image - Magnet AXIOM Cyber
Get an in-depth understanding of security incidents with a robust digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses that need to collect & analyze evidence from remote endpoints, the Cloud, IoT and mobile devices.
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Scale up your DFIR investigations with the power of automation. Integrate your tech stack with the processing power of the AXIOM Cyber Engine to create streamlined workflows.


See how Magnet IGNITE can perform fast, remote triage and initial analysis of endpoints for yourself.

Once you’re ready to buy, Magnet IGNITE will use scan credits to provide a flexible and scalable solution without any set, recurring cost. With IGNITE, you simply purchase a package of scan credits and start triaging endpoints.