Incident Response

It’s not a question of if a data breach will occur, but when. With Magnet AXIOM Cyber, be prepared to find and validate indicators of compromise quickly.

Don’t let your IR investigations come to a grinding halt

Evidence is everywhere. If you don’t have access to computer, mobile, and cloud data sources, your IR investigation can be prolonged causing potentially irreversible damage. Magnet AXIOM Cyber is a robust digital forensics platform that enables you to collect, analyze, and report on evidence from each of these data sources, streamlining and quickening the pace of your IR investigations.

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Quickly Establish A Timeline

Building a timeline of events is one of the most effective ways to understand the history of an Incident Response security event like a malware or phishing attack. AXIOM Cyber’s powerful built-in Analytics feature set enables you to rapidly track down evidence using relative time filters that you can configure for time ranges before and after a known event.


Artifacts First

Analyze file system and memory with an artifacts-first approach that immediately identifies hidden processes and artifacts like Windows Event Logs, USN Journal, $LogFile, Prefetch, Jumplists, LNK files, and hundreds more.


Get To The Source

Email phishing is one of the most common delivery method of malware to unsuspecting victims. AXIOM Cyber allows you to use Admin or User credentials to login to Office 365 & G Suite and collect and examine audit logs.