>> See how Magnet AUTOMATE works as part of the powerful Magnet Digital Investigations Suite

Automate your Mobile & Computer Workflows

Improve service to your agency by unlocking lab capacity, creating efficiencies, and reducing time to evidence.

It’s becoming impossible for digital forensic units to keep up with today’s challenges

Increasing data volumes, evidence complexity, resource constraints and the fast-changing technology landscape is forcing you to get more done with what you have and oftentimes results in significant delays to evidence, increasing risk to the public and agency. With Magnet AUTOMATE, enable an enhanced approach to digital investigations that scales up your existing resources and processes to complete investigations quickly.

We offer modern solutions for digital investigations

Fully utilize your lab resources 24/7/365

Build streamlined workflows across your forensics toolkit

Leverage analytics tools to drive efficiency

Unlock Capacity & Improve Service

Complete more investigations faster by scaling up your existing hardware and software resources and reducing manual, repetitive tasks. With AUTOMATE, you can automatically image, process and create exports for multiple items of evidence in parallel, saving valuable time and freeing up your examiners to focus on complex analysis.

Webinar: Improving Service to your Agency

Process Digital Evidence 24/7/365

Don’t let your investigations sit idle overnight or over the weekend. By automating your workflows, you can get the most out of your digital forensics lab by utilizing your computing power and forensic tools 24 hours a day, 7 days week. Build prioritized job lists to ensure that your lab is always imaging and processing evidence items, even when you and your team aren’t there.

Build Streamlined Workflows Across Your Toolkit

Seamlessly integrate any tool from your forensic toolkit, including mobile acquisition tools. AUTOMATE’s drag-and-drop workflow builder makes it easy to develop efficient, automated workflows across your entire forensic toolkit. For increased flexibility, you can also integrate your own custom scripts.

Ensure Case Quality

Easily adhere to standard operating procedures by empowering your expert examiners to design the workflow for each case type. Forensic technicians or junior members of the team can then kick off the right workflow from a dropdown menu while experts focus their time on analysis.

Measure, Act, and Report on Lab Insights

Clear, visual dashboards help you to quickly assess lab infrastructure health and provide you with key insights for smarter resourcing decisions. Easily report to management on the value of your lab investments by tracking overall throughput and efficiency metrics.

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Advanced Integration with Magnet AXIOM and MDIS

AUTOMATE amplifies the processing and analytics power of Magnet AXIOM to help you complete your investigations more efficiently and effectively. AUTOMATE also includes advanced integration with Magnet ATLAS and Magnet REVIEW to promote efficiency and collaboration across your investigations.

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See how Magnet AUTOMATE works as part of the MAGNET Digital Investigation Suite.


“Magnet AUTOMATE has allowed us to get evidence into the hands of our investigators in under 72 hours. We’re excited about the almost unlimited potential of the solution; partnering with Magnet’s experts will allow us to continue optimizing and transforming our lab.”

Aaron Sparling

Officer, Investigations Branch

Digital Forensics Unit | Portland Police Bureau

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