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Magnet One unifies your digital forensics teams and products in one powerful platform.

Propel your investigations forward with a revolutionary platform that empowers you to close cases faster and redefine what’s possible in the pursuit of justice.

Solutions for

Public safety

Serve justice with solutions from Magnet Forensics that empower you to eliminate your case backlog, action on insights from digital evidence immediately, and easily share case findings with others accurately.

Federal agencies

Magnet Forensics offers a series of solutions to help you accomplish your mission—which touches every part of the digital forensics workflow, ranging from in-field evidence collection to agency-wide collaboration and sharing.

Military & intelligence

Magnet Forensics equips military and intelligence community personnel with the digital forensics tools needed to get actionable intelligence and share it in any environment, ensuring that national security is maintained.


Whether it’s internal investigations, incident response, or eDiscovery, Magnet Forensics solutions will help you quickly collect and analyze the evidence you need to safeguard your business from insider and external threats.

Service providers

Your clients trust you to help them make the right decision when every second counts. Magnet Forensics helps you work through investigations with efficiency and insight while reducing your operating costs.

Hear what our customers are saying

“Since we acquired Graykey, it makes life a whole lot easier. It’s phenomenal in helping us access the data on iPhones.”

Scott Ferro, Examiner, Rochester Police Department

Scott Ferro
Rochester Police Department

“I'm excited that Magnet and Grayshift are merging together. I think merging it together is going to make it even easier for law enforcement to help save children and get the information faster…”

Ashley Boldig, Investigator, Mississippi Attorney General's Office

Ashley Boldig
Mississippi Attorney General’s Office

“What Magnet allow us to do is bring a forensically sound case to court. It also plays a role in giving our victims a little piece of their power back.”

Jason Bonikowsky, Detective Sergeant, Investigative Services, Special Victims – Human Trafficking

Jason Bonikowsky
Detective Sergeant
Investigative Services
Special Victims – Human Trafficking

“My go to tool within Axiom is Timeline, that's where I start on every case.”

Det. Chris Dickerson, Homicide Detective, MNPD

Det. Chris Dickerson
Homicide Detective

Metro Nashville Police Department has implemented a number of Magnet Forensics tools in their lab, including Magnet Axiom, Magnet Automate, Magnet Outrider, and Magnet Atlas. Find out how those tools are helping them solve cases faster, eliminate backlogs, and improve the working conditions for everyone on the team.

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