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We stand alongside our customers and empower them to build stronger cases using advanced technology to uncover the most digital evidence.

Our Vision

Modernizing Digital Evidence Management

Law enforcement agencies and corporations are dealing with an avalanche of data, which is only increasing in volume and complexity. We are re-imagining digital investigations for the modern era with an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes, and technology.

The complete digital investigation platform. Examiners can recover digital evidence from the most sources, including smartphones, cloud services, computers, IoT devices and third-party images — making sure no evidence is missed.

  • Mobile Mobile
    Every case needs to analyze and review smartphone data. Recover smartphone evidence from the most sources with powerful acquisition and ingestion, find more and different evidence, and view it all in one place.
  • Computer Computer
    Computer forensics is evolving with the onslaught of digital communications. Get industry-leading imaging, search, analysis and reporting tools for computer forensics.
  • Cloud Cloud
    As device encryption becomes more powerful, examiners need to rely on device back-ups, chat history, and account information stored in the cloud. Recover and analyze more evidence from the cloud.

“Eventually data becomes so large, no person can understand it or use it effectively…It takes automated techniques to do that.”

Dr. Patrick Carrick

Chief Scientist at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T)

Magnet User Summit // 2019 is a chance for industry thought leaders, our customers, and partners, to come together and learn about the latest in digital forensics and digital evidence management.

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Forensic 4:cast Award Winner


Digital Forensic Organization of the Year


Computer Forensic Software of the Year

Every year, the digital forensics community comes together to vote on who is leading the industry and Magnet Forensics has been honored to be named Digital Forensic Organization of the Year twice in a row and Computer Forensics Software of the Year six consecutive times! We greatly appreciate your validation of the hard work our team puts into ensuring our tools meet your needs.

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