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Unleash the power of your GRAYKEY at scale with GRAYKEY Fastrak, a solution for extracting data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously directly to your workstation.

Scale up the Capabilities of your Existing GRAYKEY

See how you can use GRAYKEY Fastrak to extract data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously. Pull more data in fewer steps with full file system extraction directly to your workstation, accelerating data retrieval and streamlining your existing workflows. Customer credentials required.

Reduce your mobile evidence backlog

GRAYKEY Fastrak scales the existing investment of GRAYKEY so agencies can reduce their backlog using the tools and personnel already in place.

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Benefits of GRAYKEY Fastrak


Accelerate Time to Evidence

Reduce the time it takes to get to evidence by simultaneously extracting data from multiple mobile devices.


Simplify Workflows & Save Costs

Streamline the mobile data processing process by eliminating the cost and need for additional hardware.


Scale Your Investment

Extract data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously freeing up GRAYKEY so it can focus on consent-based evidence collection.


Easy to Use

Load GRAYKEY data quickly and easily with an easy-to-use application that you can install onto your own computer.

Products for Public Sector Agencies

Featured Image - Magnet GRAYKEY
Magnet GRAYKEY can provide same-day access to the latest iOS and Android devices – often in under one hour.
Featured Image - MAGNET AXIOM
Examine and process digital evidence from mobile, cloud, computer, and vehicle sources all in one case file.
Featured Image - MAGNET AUTOMATE
Scale up resources and increase lab efficiency & capacity by automating evidence processing and data exports.


Get started with GRAYKEY Fastrak

Get to evidence faster by simultaneously extracting data from multiple mobile devices. Speak with an expert today!