Perform lightning fast previews of computers and mobile devices through an ultra simple approach.

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OUTRIDER is a tool that assists in checking a device for contraband – as per the dictionary definition to the left, it’s a tool that you can use at the front-end of your process, to get a very quick assessment of what you’re dealing with.


What does it do?

Extremely fast scans of live computers, hard drives/USB drives, and Android or iOS devices Most scans complete in less than 5 minutes – on an example system, over 1 million files were scanned in just 52 seconds

Locates known apps related to Encryption, the Dark Web, Peer-to-Peer file sharing, Cloud Storage, Anti-Forensics tools, Virtual Machines, & Cryptocurrency

Support for keyword searching in file names, encryption detection, and file collection for later processing

Child Rescue Coalition

Includes groundbreaking technology from the Child Rescue Coalition ( that identifies known CSAM in an extremely short timeframe.

OUTRIDER is a preview/triage tool that can help prioritize or flag devices for additional examination.

How do I get it?

We have further extended our free trial of Magnet OUTRIDER until the end of March 2020, to continue to gather feedback and validate the use cases for the tool.

To request access to OUTRIDER, fill out and submit the form below. If you are approved, you will receive an email with download links to the software.

For pricing information, please contact us directly upon being approved for access to Magnet OUTRIDER.