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Elevate your digital forensics reports with Magnet Exhibit Builder

With the depth, variety, and volume of evidence in modern cases, developing engaging reports that effectively tell the story of the case for stakeholders, including those that aren’t technical, is a persistent challenge. 

Magnet Exhibit Builder provides a fast and intuitive new option to elevate your digital forensic reports, combining forensic data from Axiom and Axiom Cyber case files and all other external data sources using versatile word processing tools to quickly build comprehensive reports for a range of audiences.

Combine all of your case data into one report

With Exhibit Builder, you can easily compile multiple Axiom cases and files into a single report to provide a concise and comprehensive case overview. Once an Axiom case or portable case has been added as an evidence source, you can add the individual artifacts you previously tagged to your report.

You can locate artifacts that were tagged in your Axiom cases using keyword searches and filters including:

  • Cases
  • Tag type
  • Artifact type

As you work on your case, you can refresh your data sources to continually add additional evidence tagged in your Axiom cases, which facilitates building your report and your case in tandem.

You can also add external files such as extracts from other tools or media files—from PDF documents, images, body cameras, drones, 911 calls, copies of the search warrants or consent to search forms, police reports, and even crime scene photos with the option to include a preview image for media based artifacts.

Once you finish your report, you can export your final version as a PDF or Word document for sharing with your stakeholders. Custom report templates for different case types can also be created and saved, making future reporting faster and more consistent with a standardized presentation of data for your stakeholders.

Building reports in Exhibit Builder

The intuitive drag-and-drop functionality of Exhibit Builder lets you place artifact details directly into your report, maintaining the forensic integrity of the data while integrating elements like visual previews for media-based artifacts and evidence device summary details to provide stakeholders with straightforward and efficient reports.

Exhibit Builder lets you add details to the report with the integrated word processing toolkit or copy and paste from other editing tools, allowing you to capture important context for the data. You can also adjust the details (or fragments) included in the artifacts without the risk of editing or adding to the information to streamline the presentation while mitigating any accidental edits or changes to the data.

Get Magnet Exhibit Builder with Axiom and Axiom Cyber

Exhibit Builder complements Magnet Axiom and Axiom Cyber, giving you greater capabilities to provide stakeholders with clear and efficient reports.

Exhibit Builder is available exclusively as part of our Axiom Premier license and Axiom Cyber. To learn more, contact your sales representative to see how you can add or upgrade your Axiom licenses to add Exhibit Builder.

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