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AXIOM Cyber is a robust digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses that need to perform remote acquisitions and collect & analyze evidence from computers, the cloud, and mobile devices.

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Off-Network Collection

AXIOM Cyber enables you to quickly and covertly perform remote collections of Mac, Windows and Linux endpoints even when they aren’t connected to your corporate network. Remotely collected data is written to an AFF4-L forensically sound container.

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Advanced Cloud Support

Collect data from corporate cloud storage services like AWS and Azure in addition to communication apps like Slack and Teams. Use Admin credentials to easily acquire from Office 365, G Suite, and Box to speed up investigations.

Resources: Cloud Capabilities

Case Intelligence

Powerful Analytics features like Timeline, Connections and Magnet.AI create actionable intelligence. AXIOM Cyber’s artifacts-first approach immediately presents the data needed to work through your case with ease and efficiency.

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Support eDiscovery

Corporate forensic examiners have a seemingly endless list of tasks and responsibilities. Often one of those extra-curricular tasks is to perform collections that support eDiscovery. Use AXIOM Cyber to generate a load file that can be ingested by eDiscovery review platforms.

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Linux Support

Linux systems are prime targets for malware attacks and other Incident Response related cybersecurity events. Having a tool, like AXIOM Cyber, that can acquire data from Linux systems and analyze it alongside evidence from other data sources is key to getting the most complete picture possible.

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Reap the Benefits of Cloud Computing

The benefits of hosting your applications in the cloud ranges from cost savings to more centralized operations. Deploy AXIOM Cyber in Azure or AWS to leverage the benefits of cloud computing plus the ability to perform off-network remote collections of Mac, Windows and Linux endpoints.

Guide: Azure Setup for Running AXIOM Cyber

Reduce the Amount of Time Spent Waiting During Investigations

See how Magnet AUTOMATE Enterprise helps enterprises respond to security incidents faster by automating tools and tasks across your DFIR lab.


Hear How Our Customers Simplify Their Investigations with AXIOM Cyber

Case Study

Unraveling Complex Business Email Compromise Attacks

“For complicated BEC attacks, trying to efficiently unwind malicious parties, domains, and more becomes next to impossible without a tool like AXIOM Cyber.” 

Brian Horton, CEO, Breadcrumb Cybersecurity


Case Study

Incident Response

“Using AXIOM Cyber’s Timeline feature, we were able to identify what happened within the malware infection. Honestly, I don’t think we would have found the details we were looking for if we were using another tool. We probably would have missed some of those events that we caught within Timeline.”

DFIR Analyst, Cybersecurity Threat Analysis Center US-Based Energy and Defense Corporation



Targeted Locations

“Using targeted locations in AXIOM Cyber gave me the perfect starting point for my remote collection and ultimately ended up saving me hours of invaluable time.”

Computer Forensic Investigator, Global 500 Banking Company




Magnet AXIOM Cyber is a digital forensics solution that will help you find the truth.

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