In this webinar series, we’ll have experts bringing their extensive knowledge of the enterprise DFIR space to you! Join us as we identify notable trends in cybercrime, internal investigations, incident response, eDiscovery support, as well as the digital transformation impact on DFIR. We’ll also share valuable tips on how examiners can help protect organizations from damage.

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Ep. 1 // From Zero to YARA Hero: Detect Malware like a Pro

Staying ahead of emerging threats poses a significant challenge for digital forensics and incident response (DFIR) teams. In the State of Enterprise DFIR Report, 49% of corporate DFIR professionals rate evolving cyberattack techniques a major problem for their investigations –– up from 42% last year. How does a responder keep up with current threats? Join Doug Metz, our Senior Security Forensics Specialist, as he delves into YARA—the versatile ‘Swiss Army knife’ of malware detection—and explores how to effectively leverage YARA within Magnet Forensics products, including our latest addition, Magnet Nexus.

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2024 State of enterprise DFIR report

Drawing upon a comprehensive survey of almost 400 corporate DFIR professionals, the fourth annual State of Enterprise Digital Forensics and Incident Response report examines the evolving contributions and experiences of DFIR professionals within corporate environments. Download our fourth annual report to learn how your peers see their digital investigations evolving and our expert’s recommendation on tackling the biggest challenges and trends of 2024.

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