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2024 State of enterprise DFIR report

Drawing upon a comprehensive survey of almost 400 corporate DFIR professionals, the fourth annual State of Enterprise Digital Forensics and Incident Response report examines the evolving contributions and experiences of DFIR professionals within corporate environments.

The report contains eye-opening and actionable insights tailored to the needs of decision-makers across IT, cybersecurity, and governance, exploring:

  • The essential role of DFIR in mitigating broad organizational risks, from investigating HR/internal issues and supporting eDiscovery/litigation to enabling effective post-incident response and recovery
  • The rapid emergence of mobile devices and cloud services as critical information sources, and the challenges this evolution introduces
  • How automation and artificial intelligence (AI) are reshaping DFIR, with the former already delivering meaningful returns and the latter regarded as both an opportunity for practitioners and as a potential enabler for malicious actors
  • Where forensics service providers (FSPs) fit into enterprise DFIR strategies, and how organizations can best leverage these trusted third parties

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