Investigate Malware & Ransomware with Speed and Efficiency

It’s not a question of if a data breach will happen, but when. According to Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report: system intrusions or data breaches typically involve numerous steps and the majority of these attacks involve Malware (70%), usually of the Ransomware variety Investigation of these breaches and obtaining Indicators of Compromise quickly is paramount to prevent further infections throughout a network.

Join Magnet Forensics’ Steve Gemperle, currently Forensic Consultant—and former Senior Special Agent with the United States Secret Service specializing in cybercrime—as he talks about how you can quickly and effectively investigate Malware and Ransomware events. This presentation will focus on connecting the dots in examining the malware and its related components, looking for sideloaded dll’s and identifying outbound communications. We will also look at the use of timeline to assist in identifying the compromise.

Steve Gemperle
Forensic Consultant, Magnet Forensics
30 Min

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