Leveraging AXIOM Cyber to Accelerate Corporate Investigations

Join us for a webinar focused on how you can use AXIOM Cyber for your corporate investigations, including employee misconduct and harassment cases. Almost every organization, regardless of size or industry, have the need to perform HR-related investigations at some point or another. Employers must take all these claims and reports seriously to protect not only the people involved, but the culture of the organization and its bottom line.

In this session, Chris Blight, Solutions Consultant at Magnet Forensics, will provide an overview of AXIOM Cyber and dive into the powerful analytics features that can be used to rapidly uncover and understand events from a range of evidence sources. During this session, you’ll get the chance to see firsthand how to perform a covert remote collection and analyze the evidence to quickly surface the relevant details for your investigations.

Chris Blight
Consultant, Magnet Forensics
46 Min.

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