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Enterprises are faced with evolving cybersecurity threats every day. When a security event happens, our solutions provide speed and intelligence to minimize threat impact and protect your most valuable assets.

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Public Safety

Our solutions help thousands of law enforcement agencies and public defenders manage the challenges of today’s digital investigations through an integrated approach that maximizes people, processes, and technology.

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Service Providers

Your clients trust you to help them make the right decisions when every second counts. Our solutions provide the tools you need to work through investigations with efficiency and insight, reducing your operating costs, and helping you provide excellent customer service.

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Federal Agencies

Efficiently uncover vital intelligence by using lab automation, toolkit integration, secure evidence review & distribution, as well as in-field triage with Magnet Forensics solutions.

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Military & Intelligence

Advance exploitation cases, personnel and criminal investigations, and the analysis of cybersecurity incidents, around the world in any environment with Magnet Forensics solutions.

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Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

“It completely eliminated over 300 devices in a few weeks…now with AUTOMATE we’re getting this data out to [the detectives] in hours and days instead of weeks and months.”

Chad Gish, CID/SISU Detective, MNPD

When MNPD implemented Magnet AUTOMATE in their lab, they couldn’t believe the difference it made to their device processing procedures and backlog numbers. Find out from the team themselves why AUTOMATE is such a valuable tool in their arsenal and what kind of impact it’s had.

"Instead of spending three days watching progress bars, I have all that waiting for me when I come in Monday morning."

Lucy Carey-Shields, Digital Forensics Investigator, Greater Manchester Police

Learn how the Greater Manchester Police, in conjunction with the U.K.’s Forensic Capability Network, has successfully accelerated its digital investigations into child sexual exploitation by deploying Magnet AUTOMATE.

"Magnet AXIOM forms quite an intrinsic part of our investigation process."

– Matt Carson, East Midlands Cyber Resiliency, Police Delivery Lead

Hear from Matt Carson about how the team at East Midlands Cyber Resiliency leverages Magnet Forensics tools to meet the digital investigation needs of their clients and community.

"Magnet's tools are designed to work in a cloud and remote environment, and we are able to succeed because of that."

– William Odom, Co-Founder of Orbital, Former FBI

Hear from William Odom, co-founder of Orbital about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber's artifact-first approach to simplify digital investigations for his clients.

"My go to tool within AXIOM is Timeline, that's where I start on every case."

Det. Chris Dickerson, Homicide Detective, MNPD

Metro Nashville Police Department has implemented a number of Magnet Forensics tools in their lab, including Magnet AXIOM, Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet OUTRIDER, and Magnet ATLAS. Find out how those tools are helping them solve cases faster, eliminate backlogs, and improve the working conditions for everyone on the team.

"Magnet Forensics products have reduced the time I need to spend on examinations."

– Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant

Hear from Joe Pochron, Digital Forensics Consultant at a global consulting firm, about how he uses Magnet AXIOM Cyber for his corporate digital investigations.

“I choose Magnet Forensics because they provide tools built by practitioners, for practitioners”

– Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations

Get firsthand insight from Warren Kruse, VP Cyber Investigations at Consilio, on why he uses Magnet Forensics products for his digital forensics and eDiscovery investigations.

"Magnet AXIOM can do computers, mobile devices, and Cloud data, all in one tool."

– Eugene Silva, Retired Waterloo Regional Police Service Professional Services & Consultant, Magnet Forensics

Hear from Eugene Silva, about his experience collecting data from the most sources all in one case file, with Magnet AXIOM.

"Magnet's artifacts break everything down making it a lot easier to ingest, look through and then report out as well."

– Mason Henson, Senior Cyber Security Forensics Examiner

Get insight from Mason Henson, a senior cyber security forensics examiner in the telecommunications industry, on why his team uses Magnet IGNITE and Magnet AXIOM Cyber to speed up their investigation process and reduce the time to evidence.

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