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Magnet Forensics provides modern solutions for Enterprise, Public Safety, and Service Providers to investigate digital crimes and cyberattacks.


The tools you need to access, acquire, analyze, and report on digital evidence and cases.
Featured Image - Magnet AXIOM
Examine and process digital evidence from mobile, cloud, computer, and vehicle sources all in one case file. Use powerful and intuitive analytical tools to automatically surface case-relevant artifacts and evidence quickly.
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A robust digital forensics and incident response solution for businesses and organizations that need to remotely acquire & analyze evidence from computers, cloud, IoT, and mobile devices when faced with cyberthreats.
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Lawfully access and extract encrypted or inaccessible data from the latest mobile devices & operating systems. GRAYKEY accesses more data than any other extraction technology to help you solve cases faster.
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Collect the most comprehensive data extraction, including encrypted and inaccessible data, from iOS and leading Android devices.
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Magnet WITNESS is the evolution of DVR Examiner that now gives you the ability to acquire, review, and analyze video evidence all with one advanced product.


Transform your digital investigations with powerful analytics and collaborate agency-wide, securely and at scale.
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Harness the power of automation to unlock lab capacity, empower your experts, and finish digital investigations faster. Automate processes and tools with streamlined workflows to reduce manual tasks and save time.
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Easily & securely share digital evidence with investigative teams, including non-technical reviewers and other stakeholders. Investigators and other stakeholders can securely and immediately access case evidence online.
Featured Image - MAGNET ATLAS
Manage your digital investigations and improve lab efficiency by enabling stakeholders to manage, collaborate, analyze, and report on all aspects of your digital investigations while upholding the chain of custody.
Featured Image - Magnet ARTIFACTIQ
Immediately action on data from Magnet GRAYKEY to kickstart your investigations. Quickly process, analyze, and share data extractions from iOS and Android devices to identify actionable intelligence within minutes.


Quickly triage evidence and save valuable time.
Featured Image - Magnet IGNITE
Take a cloud-based approach to early case assessment and save time by triaging remote endpoints to collect & review the most critical artifacts and quickly pinpoint which endpoints require a deeper dive investigation.
Featured Image - Magnet OUTRIDER
Quickly triage Mac and Windows computers, mobile devices, and external drives for illicit content such as CSAM, usernames, and contacts in the field or the lab with automated insights so you can prioritize case workloads.

Hear What Our Customers Are Saying

"I'm excited that Magnet and Grayshift are merging together. I think merging it together is going to make it even easier for law enforcement to help save children and get the information faster…"

Ashley Boldig, Investigator, Mississippi Attorney General's Office

“What Magnet allow us to do is bring a forensically sound case to court. It also plays a role in giving our victims a little piece of their power back.”

Jason Bonikowsky, Detective Sergeant, Investigative Services, Special Victims – Human Trafficking

"My go to tool within AXIOM is Timeline, that's where I start on every case."

Det. Chris Dickerson, Homicide Detective, MNPD

Metro Nashville Police Department has implemented a number of Magnet Forensics tools in their lab, including Magnet AXIOM, Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet OUTRIDER, and Magnet ATLAS. Find out how those tools are helping them solve cases faster, eliminate backlogs, and improve the working conditions for everyone on the team.

"You're probably one of the easiest companies to work with. You care about the product and you're responsive… Our turnaround time used to be one or two weeks. Now we can do turnaround time in two, three days."

Scott Sattler, Director of Forensics, Leading Health Insurance Organization

"Data is coming from different places, whether it's operating systems, whether its by application or type of device. AXIOM Cyber is pulling that all together in a magical way."

Julie Lewis, President, CEO & Founder, Digital Mountain

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