Recover & Analyze Your Evidence in One Case.

Recover deleted data and investigate digital evidence from computer, mobile, cloud, and vehicle sources easily with powerful and intuitive Analytics tools all in one case file.

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Magnet AXIOM is purpose-built to recover, process, and analyze digital evidence from a variety of sources regardless of whether you use AXIOM or third-party tools to acquire your data.


Recover data from iOS and Android devices with the artifact first approach of AXIOM to get the most relevant evidence for the most popular applications.


Recover deleted data and analyze evidence from Windows, Mac, Chrome, and Linux devices including browser history and deleted files.


Process and examine data from warrant returns, user-generated archives, and live cloud services, with artifacts from 50+ of the most popular cloud services.

Find Key Evidence Quickly

Magnet AXIOM’s analytical tools can cut through the digital noise for you, so you can focus on what’s relevant. Take advantage of Media Explorer, Cloud Insights Dashboard, Magnet.AI, Connections, Timeline, and more, to find the evidence you need.

Analyze Your Evidence in One Case

Recover, analyze, and report on data from mobile, computer, cloud, and vehicle sources in one case file with an artifact-first approach. Easily recover deleted data, analyze digital evidence, create reports, and share portable case files with Magnet AXIOM.

Artifact-First Approach

Discover the full history of a file or artifact to build your case and prove intent. With Magnet AXIOM, get the most up-to-date artifact support for the most recent devices and sources, such as vehicles, cloud services, and mobile devices.

Investigate and Categorize Media Efficiently

Automatically analyze text and media content to identify case-relevant evidence such as nudity, weapons, drugs, and sexual conversations, while pre-categorizing known Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) with Media Explorer and Magnet.AI.

Maximize Your Existing Lab Infrastructure

Discover evidence you could be missing by ingesting extractions from other vendors, such as Grayshift, Cellebrite, Oxygen, Berla, and many more. With the artifact- first approach of Magnet AXIOM, you can uncover unique evidence from iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, Chromium, Linux, and vehicle extractions.

Streamline Your Evidence Workflow

AXIOM is at the heart of the Magnet Digital Investigation Suite. Maximize the AXIOM advantage and reduce your time to evidence by automating device processing with AUTOMATE, sharing relevant evidence with REVIEW, and managing digital evidence with ATLAS.


How Magnet Forensics Products Help the MNPD Solve Violent Crime

Metro Nashville Police Department has implemented a number of Magnet Forensics tools in their lab, including Magnet AXIOM, Magnet AUTOMATE, Magnet OUTRIDER, and Magnet ATLAS. Find out how those tools are helping them solve cases faster, eliminate backlogs, and improve the working conditions for everyone on the team.

“On Magnet AXIOM, you can work collaboratively. It speeds up the overall process and you get a much more in-depth and accurate view of what is happening and what is important in the data set.”

Aaron Sparling, Former Officer

Portland Police Bureau



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