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Tips & Tricks // Harnessing Magnet.AI to Save Time in Your Investigations

The massive amount of text-based and media content involved in today’s digital investigations can make the search for potential evidence a time-consuming task. Machine learning and image recognition tools can help to identify and categorize content of interest so examiners can more quickly uncover the key evidence needed for their cases.  

In this Tips and Tricks webinar, Trey Amick, Manager of Forensic Consultants, will show you how to leverage AXIOM’s Magnet.AI machine learning and Content Based Image Retrieval (CBIR) technology to quickly surface, analyze, and classify pictures and chats. 

  • Automatically detect and categorize potential pictures of drugs, weapons, nudity, or child abuse, and chats containing sexual conversations.  
  • Find related images—such as pictures of the same room or pictures with similar scenery—with the Find Similar Pictures feature. 

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