Officer wellness

Officer wellness is an issue that is core to our mission at Magnet Forensics. Persistent exposure to CSAM can take its toll on examiners and investigators leading to trauma, stress, burnout, and more. We want to let you know that it’s never a weakness to reach out for help and you should never have to suffer alone.

The importance of officer wellness

Reducing exposure to CSAM can decrease some of the effects on ICAC investigators.

Dedicated officer wellness features within Magnet Axiom are designed to give ICAC investigators relief when being presented with traumatic CSAM.

By taking a proactive approach in improving officer wellness, agencies can reduce the amount of burnout among their staff—helping to maintain not only their quality of life, but the quality and efficiency of their investigations so they can ultimately help save more innocent victims. 

How Magnet Axiom can help

Axiom includes purpose-built features and artificial intelligence that can help improve officer well-being:

  • Block, blur, or view thumbnails of media that has been graded.
  • Mute sound when viewing videos.
  • Set reminders to take breaks from grading media or an alert to stop grading for the day.
  • Automatically apply categorization from known hash sets, like Project VIC or CAID, or from other known hash sets.
  • Leverage the artificial intelligence of Magnet.AI to automatically find images based on suspected child abuse and nudity, or luring or grooming chats.
  • Receive clear indications of categorization progress so you can immediately see how much media has been graded.