Collaborate on Evidence Review from Anywhere

Accelerate digital evidence review by enabling secure agency-wide collaboration from anywhere, anytime.

We offer modern digital forensics solutions for the needs of today.

Securely collaborate on evidence review across all your sources, from anywhere

Intuitive interface purpose-built for non-technical users, with Analytics to help quickly surface valuable insights

Automatically record and report on full case history to reduce risk

Collaborate on Evidence Review from Anywhere

Enable more effective collaboration and eliminate travel and shipping related costs by allowing investigators, other agency stakeholders, and external partners to securely access their case evidence from anywhere, anytime. REVIEW helps you get evidence into the hands of all your stakeholders quickly and easily, so they can work together to complete your investigations faster.

Quickly Find the Evidence That Matters

REVIEW was purpose-built for non-technical users, so they can easily browse, search and filter evidence with an intuitive interface that works on any web browser. After finding an item of interest, tag or add a comment that other collaborators can instantly view. Surface valuable insights with powerful analytics views to further accelerate evidence review.

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Streamline Evidence Review Across All Your Sources

Review all of your digital evidence together, all in one platform. With REVIEW, you can import evidence from AXIOM and other digital forensic tools, such as XRY or UFED, so investigators can easily review all their evidence in one case file. Create uniform reports across your evidence sources to save time and eliminate the need to train reviewers on multiple tools.

Record and Report on the Full Case History

Maintain control over who has access to what data and when to reduce risk to your agency. Admins can apply flexible role-based access controls based on different user needs and manage permissions for each case individually. REVIEW automatically tracks user activity — admins can view audit logs to learn who did what and when.

Magnet AXIOM & MDIS Integration

Utilize the processing and analytics power of Magnet AXIOM and easily import computer, mobile and cloud evidence into REVIEW with just a few clicks. Combine with Magnet AUTOMATE to automatically export AXIOM processed evidence directly into REVIEW with no additional manual work required. Use Magnet ATLAS to quickly see which cases have been reviewed and have had reports created in REVIEW to expedite peer review or share with other collaborators.

Flexible Deployment Options

Deploy REVIEW in the way that best suits your agency, whether that’s on-premises or in the cloud. REVIEW was designed with a cloud-first approach to help agencies easily provide secure, scalable access using trusted cloud providers like Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.

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“Our collaboration with Magnet Forensics and Microsoft aims to ensure that digital evidence critical to investigations is reviewed in a simple, timely, effective and secure manner to ensure justice is achieved.”

Darren Scates, Chief Technology Officer, London’s Metropolitan Police Service


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