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Identify deepfakes and quickly surface evidence with new AI tools in Magnet Axiom  

Instances of synthetic, or deepfake, media have seen a dramatic increase in recent years, with an estimated 500,000 video and voice deepfakes shared on social media in 2023. While deepfakes aren’t a new phenomenon, advances in machine learning and AI have increased the speed, accuracy, and availability of developing synthetic media. And the source material for these fakes is increasingly available through our ever-expanding personal digital footprints.  

To help you identify synthetic media and efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases, we are thrilled to introduce Magnet Copilot. Magnet Copilot provides AI functionality within Magnet Axiom and Magnet Axiom Cyber, giving you the ability to: 

  • Analyze images and videos to determine whether they are synthetic or generated media. 
  • Surface relevant results to case data for chat threads, web searches, and images. 
  • Build and apply complex filters to your data using plain language inputs.  

The AI capabilities of Magnet Copilot are being added to Magnet Axiom and Axiom Cyber as a free early access feature, so you can try the functionality out and let us know what you think.

AI on your terms 

We understand that not everyone can leverage AI-assisted tools, so we have ensured that you have full control over this functionality. None of the AI functionality of Copilot will be used unless you first create an account and login.  

When using Magnet Copilot, you will be prompted before uploading any data for analysis. Data that is uploaded to Magnet Copilot goes to a secure US-based server hosted by AWS and operated by Magnet Forensics. Uploaded data expires and is deleted from the server after seven days of inactivity. It is not used in the training of AI models or to improve AI models. 

A deeper dive on deepfakes 

With the increase in accessibility of deepfake technology comes a wide range of malicious applications, including non-consensual pornography, CSAM, disinformation, false evidence, fake news, scams, blackmail, and fraud. While the creation of deepfakes is on the rise, there isn’t widespread awareness of the technology, with 71% of global respondents indicating that they do not know what a deepfake is, making it a dangerous tool in the wrong hands. 

Magnet Copilot allows digital forensic professionals to analyze images and videos to determine their authenticity and identify synthetic or generated media.  

Image deepfake analysis 

Magnet Copilot’s image analysis capabilities allow you to determine the likelihood that an image was generated using one of the more common generative AI models: Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, or DALLE-3. In some cases, Magnet Copilot can also provide Exif metadata that will reveal the prompts used to create the image. Supported images include most common image formats including: jpeg, gif, heic, tiff and more.

Video deepfake analysis 

For analysis of videos, we have partnered with Medex Forensics to help you to determine where video files originated, if they are camera-original content, and if they have been edited or generated with tools such as face-swap or re-face. Once the Medex analysis is completed, you have an option to save a PDF report which can be added to your case.

AI tools for surfacing relevant evidence 

Another common challenge of our large digital footprints is the overwhelming volumes of digital evidence in investigations. Magnet Copilot adds the ability to quickly find relevant evidence with the Q&A function and Filter Builder.  

Question and answer (Q&A)

To use the Q&A function, select the conversation, web search, or image data you would like to upload for analysis. Once uploaded, you can enter questions about the data, and Magnet Copilot will highlight relevant artifacts. Responses provided through this interface include citations for the case data to validate the results and investigate further. Q&A conversations are limited to a single session but can be saved for future reference if required.  

Filter builder 

The filter builder in Magnet Copilot allows you to easily build complex Axiom filters simply by typing your query in plain language, just like you would ask a colleague. An example of a filter query could be “Show me any artifacts with location data that is within a radius of 50 miles from New York City”. Entering your question in plain language into the chat bar will automatically build the filter using the advanced filtering capabilities in Axiom to help you quickly narrow in on key results.  

Bringing your Copilot onboard 

To get started, you will need a Magnet Copilot account, which you will be prompted to create an account when you access Magnet Copilot within Axiom for the first time. Once you have your login information, you can simply click the icon next to the search bar in Axiom Examine to open a Magnet Copilot window. 

Try Magnet Copilot in Axiom or Axiom Cyber today

To experience the benefits of AI in Axiom or Axiom Cyber for yourself, update to the latest version or start a free trial, and register for the early access of Magnet Copilot today.  

If you have any questions or feedback about Magnet Copilot, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at to let us know what you think or to learn more.

Magnet Forensics partners with Medex Forensics to deploy industry leading synthetic media detection and video authentication within Magnet Axiom. With the prevalence of digital video in investigations of all types, establishing trust in video evidence is critical from investigation to prosecution. This integration allows Magnet users to leverage Medex Forensics’ patented, reliable, and explainable results unlocking new insights into digital video evidence not available anywhere else.

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