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Magnet Axiom 8.2: New translation capabilities plus updates to Animated Maps and Magnet Copilot

Magnet Axiom 8.2 is now available with several features added and updated to help you work through more data, faster, and more efficiently, including:

  • New translation module – quickly understand the relevance of multilingual evidence in your cases.
  • Mapping improvements – search addresses and geocoordinates for locations directly in Axiom’s mapping tools.
  • Magnet Copilot improvements – analyze multiple data sources to identify quickly surfaced relevant evidence from a broader range of sources.

We’ve also updated and added to our artifact support to help ensure you are able to include the most evidence sources in your investigations.

You can upgrade within Axiom or over at the Customer Portal. If you’re looking to try Axiom, you can request a free trial here.

Translation module in Axiom

Encountering a foreign language in your case data can stall your investigation or may lead to the risk of missing out on potential evidence. To help you quickly understand evidence in different languages we have added a new translation module** to Axiom that that provides immediate translation for 32 different languages.

With the new translation module in Axiom, you can now simply highlight the text-based content and right click in to automatically detect the language and translate the content. With the context provided from the translation you can then determine if the data is relevant to your case, and if it needs to be validated with a formal translation for use in court proceedings.

To learn more about the new translation module in Axiom read our blog.

** Available with Axiom Advanced and Premier Term licenses

New Magnet Copilot AI capabilities

The ever-increasing volume of evidence in cases and the recent surge of synthetic media or deepfakes can present significant challenges in criminal investigations. Introduced in Axiom 8.0, the early access to Magnet Copilot added AI capabilities in Axiom to help you efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases and identify synthetic media.

With Axiom 8.2, we’ve updated Magnet Copilot to enable the upload of multiple web searches and chats in Q&A, enabling you to search across multiple evidence sources to get a more complete response to your queries and view of the evidence.

To learn more about Magnet Copilot, visit our blog and video, Identify deepfakes and quickly surface evidence with new AI tools in Magnet Axiom, or explore the demo below:

Mapping improvements

In Axiom 8.2, we have added new features to our mapping capabilities that make it easier to use maps within Axiom and to view case data in external mapping tools.

  • In Animated Maps* you can now search addresses and geolocations to quickly and easily locate specific areas without having to reference external mapping tools to help get your bearings when investigating an incident in an unfamiliar location.
  • And when looking at location data that is unfamiliar to you, if your workstation is connected to the internet, you can now right click on the location data to view it in a mapping tool like Google maps or Google Earth.

To learn more about Animated Maps visit our blog: Moving in the Right Direction with Animated Maps.

*Available with Axiom Essentials, Advanced and Premier Term licenses

Cloud acquisition improvements, including acquiring Facebook Timeline

Alongside these exciting new features, we’ve also updated Axiom’s ability to acquire data from Facebook. A notable update is the ability to collect private timeline data, including posts, comments, and replies (with improvements such as better-quality images and videos from albums coming soon.) This comes as part of our ongoing effort to continually update and maintain our cloud artifacts.

New and updated artifacts

As with every release, Axiom 8.2 also features new and updated artifacts to help keep your investigations current with the latest apps and data sources.

New Artifacts
  • Google Home (Android)
  • Google Home, Nest (iOS)
Updated Artifacts
  • Pictures (All)
  • Chrome Cache (Windows, MacOS)
  • Chrome (Windows, MacOS)
  • Web Video Fragments (Computer, MacOS, Windows)
  • Edge, Opera, Safe Browser (Windows, MacOS)
  • Eufy (iOS)
  • Instagram (Android)
  • Meet24, Opera, SafeBrowser (iOS, Windows, MacOS)
  • Facebook Warrant Return Process
  • Instagram Warrant Return Process
  • WeChat Messages (Android, iOS, Windows)

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