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Magnet Axiom Cyber 8.2: Translations, updates, cloud acquisition improvements, and more

We’re excited to announce the release of Magnet Axiom Cyber 8.2, which includes new features and improvements such as:

  • Introducing the new translation module with 32 languages included!
    • authentication using client credentials
    • Cloud acquisition improvements
    • Improvements to Magnet Copilot’s AI capabilities
    • And the ability to search addresses and geocoordinates within Animated Maps, both in World Map and Route View

We’ve also updated and added to our artifact support (additional details are at the end of this blog.)

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Introducing the new translation module

To help you understand communications and documents in different languages, we have added a new translation module to Axiom Cyber that can be used for on-the-fly translation of 32 languages. This gives you the ability to quickly understand if the evidence you are looking at is relevant to help keep your investigation moving forward.

Translation can be an important tool for a range of different communication and document types, for everything from chats and social posts to financial documents. With the important context provided by the translation, you can determine if the content is relevant to your case and whether it needs to be validated with a formal translation for use in court proceedings.

To learn more about the new translation module, visit our blog “Breaking language barriers with Magnet Axiom’s translation module”.

Use client credentials for authentication

A new enhancement to our collection workflow allows you to authenticate and access data with client credentials. If your organization’s data access control policy prohibits the use of global admin accounts or an account’s username and password to authenticate and access data, upgrade now and use client credentials instead to meet your organization’s security, privacy, and compliance policies while collecting the comprehensive cloud data you need for your investigations. Use the Enterprise ID, Client ID, and Client Secret, for full access to the account within the Enterprise ID scope.

Learn how to set up client credentials in the Developers Console.

Image 1: Screenshot of the new client credentials workflow.
Image 1: Screenshot of the new client credentials workflow.

Cloud acquisition improvements, including acquiring Facebook Timeline

Alongside these exciting new features, we’ve also addressed issues with acquiring data from Facebook. A notable update is the ability to collect private timeline data, including posts, comments, and replies (with improvements such as better-quality images and videos from albums coming soon.) This improvement comes as part of our ongoing effort to continually update and maintain our cloud artifacts. The last section of this blog summarizes all the updated and new artifacts!

Improvements to Magnet Copilot’s AI capabilities

The ever-increasing volume of evidence in cases and the recent surge of synthetic media or deepfakes can present significant challenges in criminal investigations. Introduced in Axiom Cyber 8.0, the early access to Magnet Copilot added AI capabilities to help you efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases and identify synthetic media.

With Axiom Cyber 8.2, we’ve updated Magnet Copilot to enable the upload of multiple web searches and chats in Q&A, enabling you to search across multiple evidence sources to get a more complete response to your queries and view of the evidence.

To learn more about Magnet Copilot, visit our blog and video, Identify deepfakes and quickly surface evidence with new AI tools in Magnet Axiom, or explore the demo below:

New and updated artifacts 

We’re continually adding and updating artifacts based on the applications you’re coming across in your investigations.

This release includes new and updated artifacts, including:

New Artifacts
  • Google Home (Android)
  • Google Home, Nest (iOS)
Updated Artifacts
  • Pictures (All)
  • – client credentials can now be used for authentication (Cloud)
  • Chrome Cache (Windows, MacOS)
  • Chrome (Windows, MacOS)
  • Web Video Fragments (Computer, MacOS, Windows)
  • Edge, Opera, Safe Browser (Windows, MacOS)
  • Eufy (iOS)
  • Instagram (Android)
  • Meet24, Opera, SafeBrowser (iOS, Windows, MacOS)
  • Facebook Warrant Return Process
  • Instagram Warrant Return Process
  • WeChat Messages (Android, iOS, Windows)

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