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Magnet Forensics introduces Magnet Nexus for faster, easier enterprise-scale investigations

WATERLOO, Ontario & ATLANTA, GA – Magnet Forensics Inc., a developer of digital investigation solutions for more than 4,000 enterprises and public safety agencies in over 100 countries, announced today the release of Magnet Nexus, a dynamic cloud-based solution for enterprise investigations.

Magnet Nexus enables organizations to perform forensic collection and analysis of one to dozens of remote Windows & Linux endpoints to help gather information on cyberattacks, insider threats, employee misconduct, IP theft, and much more. Investigation teams can harness the power of cloud-based resources, creating the opportunity to conduct large-scale investigations with unprecedented ease and efficiency—saving time and getting to the forensic insights faster. Users now have the flexibility to access their cases from anywhere at any time, with the ability to eliminate complex and expensive maintenance associated with legacy solutions.

“The digital investigations industry is evolving at a rapid pace,” said David Miles, President, Magnet Forensics. “Whether you’re in a large organization, or you are a digital forensics service provider, Magnet Nexus leverages the power of the cloud to ensure that nothing stands in the way of getting to the information you need to tackle large, complex investigations and help keep your organization safe.”

Magnet Nexus is an organization’s link to all their remote endpoints, and their central point to manage and investigate them. Agents can persist on every endpoint in an organization so it’s there when needed, reducing delays in investigations. Users can also create and deploy an agent on-demand—with the flexibility to use both methods to meet their organization’s requirements. To manage and monitor all endpoints and agents, Magnet Nexus offers a new easy-to-use, visual Endpoint Dashboard and Agent Dashboard.

Whether investigating one remote endpoint or many more, users can generate fast insights to support incident response, internal investigations, and eDiscovery cases. With Magnet Nexus, users can:

  • Get fast forensic insight from multiple remote endpoints.
  • Benefit from an easy-to-use and easy-to-manage tool.
  • Scale up processing on-demand with cloud-based resources.
  • Collaborate on cases from setup to analysis to maximize resources.

“We know that workforces are more dispersed and technology-enabled than ever before. To ensure that organizations can protect themselves, they need the ability to quickly gather the data they need for investigations and have a solution that is dynamic and ready when needed,” said Geoff MacGillivray, Chief Technology Officer, Magnet Forensics. “Magnet Nexus answers that customer need and provides a comprehensive solution in a way that’s easy to use, deploy, and manage.”

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About Magnet Forensics

Founded in 2010, Magnet Forensics is a developer of digital investigation solutions that acquire, analyze, report on, and manage evidence from digital sources, including mobile devices, computers, IoT devices and cloud services. Magnet Forensics products are used by more than 4,000 public and private sector customers in over 100 countries and help investigators fight crime, protect assets, and guard national security.


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