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Magnet Forensics Training & Certification: Helping an agent relieve stress and bolster his reputation

In this case study, we share the story of Matthew Wingenbach, Special Agent, North Dakota Bureau of Criminal Investigation and his pursuit of keeping up with evolving technologies in investigating crime.

Read about how Wingenbach took Magnet Forensics Training to learn more about digital forensics—from the bottom up. Starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced courses, he utilized both in-person and online courses to suit his learning style and availability.

 “There’s always so many points in training where I think about cases I’ve worked and think, ‘Wow, how much stuff did I miss before? It drives me to train and learn more.’’ – Matthew Wingenbach

From there, he was able to take advantage of Magnet Forensics Certification to demonstrate his knowledge in digital forensics and add to his already impressive reputation. A process that used to intimidate him but has now shown to be invaluable.

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