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Magnet Forensics’ customers are doing some of the most important work in the world. Their tireless pursuit of justice is inspiring, and we develop our products to make sure they have everything they need to get to the truth.

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In June of 2021, a double homicide occurred at the residence of a prominent South Carolina family, the Murdaughs. In this case, the victims were Paul and his mother, Maggie, both shot and killed on a late summer evening at their dog kennels. SLED was called in to obtain evidence, examine the data, and help move the case forward to prosecution and a conviction for Alex Murdaugh.

Metro Nashville Police Department

In this video, we showcase the work of the Metro Nashville Police Department, including their tireless efforts to reduce violent crime in the city and bring justice to victims and their loved ones. Hear from Detective Chad Gish about the important role digital forensics plays in their work, how members of the Homicide and ICAC units keep pushing ahead, and how prosecutor Jan Norman uses the evidence brought to her by those teams to ensure justice is served.

Los Angeles Police Department, Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force

In this video, we shine a light on the work of the Los Angeles Police Department's Internet Crimes Against Children taskforce, showing why they do the work, what keeps them doing it, and showing them actually in action and putting themselves on the line in the name of justice.

Magnet Graykey provides critical evidence in criminal case

In 2016, Titus Lee was accused of viciously attacking a UNCW couple while they were at their residence. The incident included at the couple’s residence where Lee assaulted the couple and then robbed them afterwards. The suspect was apprehended by police, where he had several mobile devices on hand. The digital evidence collected during the investigation is playing a major part in identifying and confirming him as the suspect – despite Lee’s claims of his innocence.

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The nature of crime is evolving, whether you’re a corporate or law enforcement examiner, you are faced with the growing complexity of digital forensics investigations.

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