Magnet Nexus: Large-scale investigations, made easy

The shift to remote work has intensified the need for enterprise DFIR solutions that can reliably and more efficiently acquire data from remote endpoints, while also providing stakeholders with broader organization-wide insights.

To help enterprise DFIR investigation teams investigate multiple endpoints with speed, scale, and ease, we’re thrilled to introduce Magnet Nexus.

Magnet Nexus is a remote endpoint collection and analysis solution built to save you time and to get you forensic insights faster.

Join Tayfun Uzun and Trey Amick for an overview of Magnet Nexus, a SaaS-based Enterprise DFIR solution, to see how it helps to efficiently acquire and analyze one or multiple remote endpoints to gain broader insights into threats and malicious activities.

Trey Amick
Director, Forensic Consultants
Tayfun Uzun
Product Management Director
45 Min.

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