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Griffeye products now a part of the Magnet Forensics product suite

Following the announcement that Griffeye would become part of Magnet Forensics, we are thrilled to announce that Griffeye is now fully integrated into the Magnet Forensics family. 

Griffeye’s expertise in image and video analysis, and especially in child sexual abuse cases, has positioned them at the forefront of assisting law enforcement worldwide in combatting this horrific crime. Now that Griffeye products are part of the Magnet Forensics and product suite, we’ll have the opportunity to continue innovating and providing robust and efficient tools that aid investigators in analyzing digital media to solve cases more effectively—and ultimately identifying and rescuing more victims.  

We’re proud to be enhancing our joint efforts to support law enforcement with the best tools available for uncovering the truth and protecting the innocent.  

Griffeye Analyze becomes Magnet Griffeye 

While the Griffeye ecosystem of products remains unchanged, with its efficient solutions for handling large volumes of images and videos, the product names have been updated to align with the Magnet family of products. Explore the Magnet Griffeye products: 

  • Magnet Griffeye
    For individual investigators who require a powerful set of tools to analyze large volumes of digital media. Magnet Griffeye offers advanced analytical features and capabilities, and the flexibility to ensure a smooth and efficient workflow.
  • Magnet Griffeye Operations
    For group collaboration on individual cases, Griffeye Operations serves as a digital base of operations, empowering investigators to review and analyze digital media collectively—alleviating the stress of working a case alone, reducing heavy workloads, and speeding up investigations.
  • Magnet Griffeye Enterprise
    For organizations pursuing ongoing investigations, Griffeye Enterprise provides a dynamic repository for building intelligence over time. Store and access all relevant image and video material ever collected in one central location—empowering investigators to collaboratively build on each other’s case work and accumulate stored knowledge.   

An exciting future ahead 

With Griffeye fully integrated into the Magnet Forensics family, we have an even greater opportunity to innovate and integrate solutions, empowering digital investigators and fulfilling our shared mission and values. We are thrilled to incorporate Griffeye’s expertise and products into the Magnet Forensics portfolio, providing our customers with indispensable solutions for digital media forensics. 

You can find more information on the Griffeye product pages, and be sure to follow Magnet Forensics social channels for future updates as well. 

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