A central hub for organizations to build digital media intelligence

Unlock the full potential of your organization's Magnet Griffeye solutions. Access all relevant casework ever collected in one central location – empowering investigators to collaboratively build on each other's casework and knowledge.

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A central repository for organizations to build intelligence over time

Enable case files to be easily accessed across your entire organization and extracted with ease in new investigations, helping you work together, build on each other’s knowledge, and optimize results—now and in the future.

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Benefits of Griffeye Enterprise


Drive long-term investigations

An environment built for multiple users to gain access to a unified database, where you can build on each other’s intelligence work. Data from past investigations is stored and easily retrieved for use in current investigations.


Accumulate knowledge over time

Stored knowledge becomes an asset for the future and can be used by new people on their first day. It also means that knowledge remains in an organization when individuals leave.


Perform cross-case searches

Effortlessly search across all cases​​ and data ever collected to efficiently find critical information and move investigations forward and solve cases.


Map relationships with entity management

Detect and trace entities, such as specific individuals of interest, across your entire file database to map relationships and highlight critical clues.


Manage and organize with ease

The dashboard offers a clear overview of collaborative efforts, enhancing organizational intelligence. Robust user access control and extensive audit logs ensure a secure collaboration environment.

Products for public sector agencies

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Efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of images and videos, automating tasks and uncovering crucial evidence.

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Scale up your capacity in digital media investigations by leveraging the collective knowledge, skills, and efforts of your entire team.

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Scale up resources and increase lab efficiency & capacity by automating evidence processing and data exports.

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