Scale your digital media investigations and unlock efficient collaboration

Leverage your entire team’s collective knowledge, skills, and efforts. With Griffeye Operations, you can reduce heavy workloads, speed up investigations, and alleviate the stress of working a case alone.

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Introduction to Magnet Griffeye Operations

Gain an understanding of the key advantages of Griffeye Operations and discover how it can enhance collaboration, enabling you and your team to work more efficiently together.

Utilize the strengths of your team and share the workload

Griffeye Operations empowers you to manage growing workloads and optimize resources more efficiently. Designed for collaboratively processing and analyzing large volumes of image and video files for faster case resolution.

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Benefits of Griffeye Operations


Share heavy workload

A user-friendly interface familiar to Magnet Griffeye, but where you can work together on cases, scale capacity, and share heavy workload.


Scale data processing

The powerful server not only has the capacity to connect multiple users, but it can also enable teams to gather knowledge centrally and work together—all while offering flexibility in scaling data processing.


Automated processes

Automated processes help identify and tag material, significantly speeding up the time it takes to process and analyze each case.


Efficient & secure case management

User access control and extensive audit logs create a secure environment for collaboration, and information from other systems is efficiently migrated over, as well as exported for easy sharing.

Products for public sector agencies

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Efficiently process and analyze vast amounts of images and videos, automating tasks and uncovering crucial evidence.

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Centralize all media material ever collected by your organization, helping you build on each other’s case work and optimize results.

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Scale up resources and increase lab efficiency & capacity by automating evidence processing and data exports.

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