Introducing Magnet Axiom 8.0

Magnet Axiom 8.0 is now available and with this exciting update we wanted to take a closer look at some of the features that have been introduced in this release. Tune in to hear how Magnet Forensics is continuing to help DFIR examiners, and their stakeholders, streamline their workflows and manage the range and volume of evidence they encounter in their investigations.

Magnet Forensics’ Steve Gemperle, Technical Marketing and Forensics, will showcase some of the latest features in this major release of Axiom, including:

  1. New Mobile View: to help you, and your stakeholders, easily navigate and interact with mobile evidence, we have added an intuitive Mobile View to Axiom and Portable Case
  2. Magnet Copilot: Early access to the AI capabilities of Magnet Copilot provide the ability to identify deepfake or synthetic media and efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases.
  3. Comae Memory Analysis Integration: A new option for memory analysis using the Comae integration for windows memory dumps

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Steve Gemperle
Forensic Consultant, Magnet Forensics
10 Min.

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