Manage Your Digital Investigations

Improve efficiency and break down silos by enabling stakeholders agency-wide to manage, collaborate, analyze, and report on all aspects of your digital investigations.

We offer modern solutions for digital investigations

Centralize and manage case data in one location

Enable collaboration across your agency’s stakeholders

Leverage analytics tools to drive efficiency

Store & Report on Cases from a Centralized Location

Easily manage case data across your digital investigations. ATLAS stores all your case information and data in one centralized location to enable more effective collaboration, prevent fragmented copies of data, and promote security and compliance. Create and store uniform and consistent reports in one location to keep all of your stakeholders updated on case details and status.

Enable Collaboration At Every Stage of Your Investigations

ATLAS helps all of your agency’s stakeholders easily and securely collaborate at every step of your digital investigation. No matter their skill level, any team member can kick-off and contribute to a digital investigation – whether you’re working with forensics examiners, investigators, or external partners on the other side of the world. Easily provide access to team members with Active Directory and manage case permissions with role-based access controls.

Manage, Track, and Report

Create a case submission with ATLAS and quickly assign the appropriate resources to the case. All evidence, procedures, collaborators, and results are logged and stakeholders can track their case progress in real-time. ATLAS makes it easy to report on evidence sources, case details, lab expenditures, tool utilization and budget tracking, and allows you to control who can view and download reports created by other users in the cases you manage.

Leverage Analytics to Improve Efficiency

ATLAS’ powerful analytics tools make it easy to generate both the real-time and historical statistics you need to monitor the efficiency of your investigations and build reports for your stakeholders.

Operate Securely and Transparently

Securing your evidence and fully documenting the chain of custody are critical elements for admissibility of your exhibits from collection to court. ATLAS tracks all evidence sources, examinations, and individuals who came in contact with digital evidence, ensuring that the full case history is preserved. With role-based access permissions, password protection, and AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest, you can be assured that your agency’s data is protected.

Integrate With Your Toolkit and MDIS

With the ATLAS API, integrate and connect with other tools in your existing ecosystem to trigger key tasks in ATLAS such as creating a new case, adding evidence to a case, pulling aggregated statistics, and more. ATLAS also includes advanced integration with AUTOMATE and REVIEW to promote efficiency and collaboration across your investigations.

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“We keep on top of things and get a very quick turnaround on our devices. ATLAS is instrumental in keeping that flow.”

Lucas Flores

Digital Forensics Investigator

Kerr County Sheriff’s Office

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