How to Uncover the Covered Tracks

Uncover covered tracks

There are a variety of techniques used by suspects to erase and/or hide the things they do online. In this whitepaper, we will explore 3 different methods a person might use to conceal their online activity, before, during and after.

Uncover “Hidden” Evidence Using Computer Forensics Tools

We will also look at how computer forensics tools such as Internet Evidence Finder and our free product Encrypted Disk Detector (EDD) can recover and analyze digital evidence, even when a suspect is attempting to cover their tracks.

Has your suspect used one of the following techniques to conceal their online activity? Then this whitepaper is for you!

  • Disk encryption and full disk encryption
  • CCleaner (Wipe free space)
  • Private browser features (including Internet Explorer’s InPrivate browsing, Google’s Incognito browsing and Firefox’s Private browsing)

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