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Top 10 Magnet Webinars to Watch While Working from Home

We know many of you are working from home and are looking for new ways to engage in learning while away from the lab. We’ve been so encouraged by the overwhelming response to our webinars over the last few weeks and want to ensure we make it as easy as possible for you to access these webinars and view them at a time that’s best for you. 

To that end, we’ve collected a selection of our most popular webinars from the past year, as well as Upcoming Webinars that are open for live-viewing registration on our Magnet Webinars resource page.

As a reminder, we’re hosting the Magnet Virtual Summit in May, which will include live sessions every day, kicking off May 4 with a special keynote address by our Founder and CTO Jad Saliba and VP of Product Management Geoff MacGillivray. Visit to learn more and register for free!

In the meantime, here is our suggested Top 10 list of webinars to watch while working from home:

Techniques that are Essential for Mac Investigations

Thanks to the regular changes Apple brings to macOS, Mac investigations can be particularly challenging. Learn about the Apple File System (APFS) and the changes made as part of the update from HFS+, while discussing the best techniques for successfully completing macOS investigations in Magnet AXIOM.

Getting a More Complete Picture Using Cloud Evidence

Data from cloud-based services from a suspect, victim, or even a witness can be invaluable in helping round out evidence for your investigations, but there can often be challenges with using this evidence once you have it. Learn how you can use Magnet AXIOM to leverage warrant returns, publicly available information from services such as Twitter and user-requested archives (e.g. Google Takeout) so you can get a more complete picture of a person of interest’s online persona and activity.

Eliminate Downtime by Over 90% with Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0

This webinar provides an in-depth look at Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0, the most powerful orchestration solution in the industry, and demonstrates how its capabilities can help maximize workflow efficiency and eliminate downtime.

The Need for Speed with Magnet OUTRIDER

This webinar focuses on the development and deployment of Magnet OUTRIDER, an extremely quick triage tool designed to help Law Enforcement prioritize evidence to analyze first in their investigations, both on scene and back in the lab, with the use of automation tools on the seized exhibits.

Responding to Ransomware Attacks with Gillware and Magnet Forensics

The methods that attackers are using to access networks and systems are constantly evolving, and Ransomware has become the most prominent attack used by both individuals with limited budget right up to nation-state actors with far more resources available to them. As bad actors use the latest tools and technology to extort organizations, it’s equally important for examiners to use the latest tools and techniques to prevent malicious attacks.

Nathan Little, VP of Incident Response and Forensics at Gillware and Jamie McQuaid, Forensics Consultant from Magnet Forensics walk through a case study where legitimate security tools are used the deliver ransomware by an attacker to an unsuspecting user and how to best respond to these attacks.

Forensics Simplified: Corporate Investigations with Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Every corporate investigation provides its own challenges, whether investigators are examining cases dealing with workplace harassment, fraud, insider threat, or malware and ransomware attacks. Regardless of the case being worked, it’s vital that evidence can quickly be acquired, analyzed, and reported on. See how Magnet AXIOM Cyber can expediate corporate investigations while examining computer, mobile, and cloud evidence sources.

Addressing the Challenges of ICAC Investigations

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) investigations can take a heavy toll on law enforcement agencies — examiners, in particular. We talk about some of the challenges presented by ICAC investigations and share how Magnet Forensics is working to help labs work through ICAC cases faster and recover defensible evidence while providing ways that promote officer wellness by minimizing over-exposure to IIOC.

Android Application Artifacts

Millions of available Android applications make it impossible for commercial tools to be able to parse and support them all, so it’s critical to understand how applications are stored on these devices and where to find that important data that could be vital to your case. Learn the basics of Android applications and see how enhanced features found in Magnet AXIOM, such as the Dynamic App Finder, our built-in SQLite Viewer, and Magnet App Simulator can help you review, interact, and report on the application data in your case quickly and efficiently.

Supporting the Unsupported: Carving, Parsing, and Creating Custom Artifacts

Many new mobile applications include features that can contain crucial evidence, though often commercial forensic tools struggle to keep pace with the volume of these new apps or their usage. Learn how to acquire and parse evidence from a wide range of smartphones and review methods to discover and parse data from unsupported applications, including the chat, contact, location, and historical data that can be found using AXIOM’s Dynamic App Finder.

Dig Deeper: Cloud Investigations with AXIOM Cyber

As cloud services become the new normal for nearly all businesses, it’s critical that your forensics tools support the ever evolving landscape. Learn about how Magnet AXIOM Cyber can help accelerate your internal investigations across Office 365, Slack and more.

Be sure to check out our Magnet Webinars resource page to find our most popular webinars as well as upcoming live webinars that are open for registration.

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