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Eliminate Downtime by Over 90% with Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0

We’re excited to release the most powerful orchestration solution in the industry Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0. With AUTOMATE 2.0 you have the ability to process multiple evidence items in parallel and then merge them into a single case — more than doubling processing speed. AUTOMATE 2.0 also allows you to automatically kickoff post-processing activities like building Connections and it includes an integration with Atola TaskForce imaging hardware.

Join Warren Pamukoff and Cody Bryant for an in-depth look at what’s new in Magnet AUTOMATE 2.0 and to learn how these capabilities can help maximize workflow efficiency and eliminate downtime.

In this webinar, we’ll provide a live demonstration of AUTOMATE 2.0, as well as cover the following:

  • Digital forensics industry trends
  • What’s new with AUTOMATE 2.0, including:
    • Case merging
    • Integration with Connections, Timeline and Magnet.AI
    • Support for Atola TaskForce imaging hardware
    • Fine-grain artifact selection
  • The difference between a traditional forensics workflow and the optimized AUTOMATE 2.0 workflow

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