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Responding to Ransomware Attacks with Gillware and Magnet Forensics

The methods that attackers are using to access networks and systems are constantly evolving. Ransomware has easily become the most prominent attack used by both individuals with limited budget right up to nation-state actors with far more resources available to them.

As bad actors use the latest tools and technology to extort organizations, it’s equally important for examiners to use the latest tools and techniques to prevent malicious attacks.

Join Nathan Little, VP of Incident Response and Forensics at Gillware and Jamie McQuaid, Forensics Consultant from Magnet Forensics as they walk through a case study where legitimate security tools are used the deliver ransomware by an attacker to an unsuspecting user and how to best respond to these attacks. The webinar will include both the attacker and incident responder perspectives allowing us to see exactly what actions leave traces of evidence behind on a user’s system. We’ll discover how the attacker initially gained access to the user’s system, how their tools were delivered, and any evidence of program execution of the malicious payload.

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