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Forensics Simplified: Corporate Investigations with Magnet AXIOM Cyber

Every corporate investigation provides its own challenges, whether investigators are examining cases dealing with workplace harassment, fraud, insider threat, or malware and ransomware attacks. Regardless of the case being worked, it’s vital that evidence can quickly be acquired, analyzed, and reported on.

Join Tarah Melton and Trey Amick, Forensic Consultants at Magnet Forensics, as they demonstrate how Magnet AXIOM Cyber can expediate corporate investigations while examining computer, mobile, and cloud evidence sources. In this webinar Tarah and Trey will create and deploy custom remote acquisition agents to target endpoints, collect and analyze evidence from Amazon S3 and EC2 instances, acquire user’s accounts from an enterprise deployments of Microsoft O365 and G Suite, as well as, analyze memory captured during the remote acquisition. Once the evidence is collected, we will demonstrate how quickly investigators can make connections and connect the pieces of evidence to complete a variety of investigations.

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