A Complete Digital Investigation Platform, with the processing power of IEF

Magnet AXIOM builds on the powerful capabilities of IEF. With IEF you were able to recover more data from places other tools wouldn’t think to look. It’s why over 3,000 agencies and organizations around the world use and trust digital forensics solutions from Magnet Forensics. AXIOM is about more than finding evidence. AXIOM allows you to explore the evidence in greater depth while also simplifying analysis activities by intuitively linking facts and data in a way that helps you to draw insightful conclusions.

The AXIOM platform is comprised of two applications: AXIOM Process and AXIOM Examine.

Axiom Process

Acquire & Process Evidence

Axiom Examine

Analyze & Share Evidence


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AXIOM allows users to seamlessly acquire, analyze, and share digital evidence from computers, smartphones, and tablets.

All in one tool.


One of the biggest hurdles in an investigation is getting to the evidence quickly so you can conduct your analysis.
To achieve this you need a platform that automates evidence discovery, and gives you new ways of looking at, verifying, and interacting with the data. All of which you can find in AXIOM.


Uses automation to streamline the acquisition and processing tasks required to prepare evidence for examination.


Enables efficient analysis of large volumes of data, allowing for quick identification and validation of evidence.


Acquire images from any iOS or Android device, hard drives, and removable media

Evidence analyzer

Process and recover 500+ types of artifacts

Single stage evidence processing

Automate all acquisition and processing tasks required to prepare evidence for analysis.

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Artifact explorer

Efficiently analyze large volumes of data

File system and registry explorers

Explore file systems and registry hives for greater insights

Source linking

Trace artifact evidence back to its source data in seconds

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A new kind of end-to-end forensic solution that gives you more

Find even more evidence

AXIOM’s Evidence Analyzer is built on the analysis capabilities of Magnet IEF, allowing you to recover hundreds of types of digital forensic artifacts, finding evidence you didn’t know was there.

Dive deeper into the data

With AXIOM, you can examine file systems, registry hives, and drill down into artifact data. Source Linking enables you to trace artifact evidence back to its source data in seconds.

Work smarter

AXIOM’s Process automates all the acquisition and processing tasks required to prepare evidence for analysis. Spend less time executing basic processing tasks and more time analyzing the evidence.

A simpler way

The work you do is complex enough. AXIOM boasts a new easy-to-use interface that moves you through your investigation, helping you find evidence more intuitively.

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With Magnet AXIOM you can consolidate the evidence from all the computers, smartphones, and tablets related to an investigation into a single case.

An individual’s digital activities are often spread across a variety of computers, smartphones and tablets.

The goal of a digital forensics examination is to understand all of these activities, and not to simply analyze the data on a computer or mobile device.

Build an integrated and comprehensive view of a person’s digital activities regardless of device type or operating system with AXIOM.

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