Saving a Day’s Worth of Work Using Magnet AUTOMATE

In this guest post, Aaron Sparling, Officer, Investigations Branch, Digital Forensics Unit at the Portland Police Bureau, talks about how he worked with Magnet Forensics and ATOLA Technology on implementing Magnet AUTOMATE in his lab and how it benefited him.

Scale Up Existing Resources and Processes with Magnet AUTOMATE 2.2

With the latest version of Magnet AUTOMATE, you can now improve service to your agency by scaling-up existing resources and processes with the power of orchestration and automation.  Find out more about Magnet AUTOMATE 2.2 below, including how you can automate more with mobile-capable workflows, unlock capacity, improve service, save time & costs, and ensure case … Continued

How to Enable Your Virtual Workforce to Seamlessly Collaborate, Process, and Access Cases

When you were asked to ensure as many team members as possible were working remotely, you were presented with a daunting task. How do you rethink your digital forensic lab’s standard operating procedures (SOPs) almost overnight, without impacting case integrity, chain of custody, quality and lab throughput?  The challenge is widespread, and you’re not alone: in a recent survey to our law enforcement customers, almost 70% of respondents told us that their work routines have been disrupted – 39% … Continued