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More Efficient Mobile Workflows Now in Magnet AUTOMATE 2.3

With Magnet AUTOMATE 2.3, you can now make mobile investigations more efficient by decrypting mobile images prior to processing in AUTOMATE workflows.

Many mobile images and backups are encrypted, limiting the data that can be extracted and analyzed by examiners. Now with Magnet AUTOMATE, examiners can save even more time on their mobile investigations by initiating the decryption of mobile devices and mobile backups directly from the AUTOMATE “Create a Case” user interface. 

For any Android and iOS mobile device image or backup that is encrypted, an examiner will be able to create a case, add the encrypted device as an evidence source, and specify the password or password list that should be used to decrypt the device.

These workflows can help make your mobile investigations easier, along with our recently introduced Watch Folders in AUTOMATE 2.2 where you can integrate any acquisition tool, including those without a command line interface, into your automated workflows. This means more of your toolkit can be synced together in one platform, saving you even more time and costs by reducing manual intervention by examiners and ensuring more of your forensic equipment is efficiently utilized 24/7. 

Additionally, AUTOMATE now integrates AXIOM 4.3, introducing new artifacts that help you get to your evidence faster. Check out our blog post on AXIOM 4.3 to learn more about the new artifacts and features we introduced.

Not Sure Where to Start to Improve Your Lab’s Efficiency?

If you’re needing to improve your lab’s efficiency, knowing where to start can be challenge. In our blog post “Tips to Improve Your Digital Forensic Lab’s Efficiency,” we offer you several tips and recommendations to help you get started.

Is Your Lab Ready for Automation and Orchestration?

Automation and orchestration solutions can help you increase your lab’s efficiency so that you process more cases faster and improve service levels to your agency — but only if you’re ready. However, it may be challenging to tell if your lab is ready to utilize this technology.

Our blog post “4 Signs Your Digital Forensics Lab is Ready for Automation & Orchestration” explores key signs that indicate when your lab is equipped to use technology to scale-up.

Want to Dive Deeper into AUTOMATE and See It in Action?

If you’re interested in learning more about AUTOMATE and seeing it in action, watch our on-demand webinar “Unlock Capacity & Improve Service to Your Agency with Magnet AUTOMATE” as we explore:

  • Modern digital investigation challenges
  • How Magnet AUTOMATE can help you unlock capacity and improve service to your agency by getting evidence into the hands of your investigators faster
  • What’s new with Magnet AUTOMATE, with a focus on mobile-capable workflows, including a demo of the new Watch Folders workflow.

Head over to the Magnet AUTOMATE page to learn more about AUTOMATE and to request more a demo today.

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