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Scale Up Existing Resources and Processes with Magnet AUTOMATE 2.2

With the latest version of Magnet AUTOMATE, you can now improve service to your agency by scaling-up existing resources and processes with the power of orchestration and automation. 

Find out more about Magnet AUTOMATE 2.2 below, including how you can automate more with mobile-capable workflows, unlock capacity, improve service, save time & costs, and ensure case quality. Want to dive deeper into AUTOMATE and see it in action? Register for our upcoming webinar on June 24.

Automate More with Mobile-Capable Workflows

Magnet AUTOMATE now includes Watch Folder workflows to allow you to integrate any acquisition tool—including mobile tools. With Watch Folder workflows, AUTOMATE accelerates mobile investigations by processing any images from any acquisition tool, even if they don’t have a command line interface, including: 

  • GrayKey 
  • Cellebrite 
  • Oxygen Forensics 
  • Macquisition 
  • EnCase Endpoint Investigator 
  • F-Response 
  • Tableau TX1 Forensic Imager,  
  • and more! 

Using the new Watch Folder capability, cases seamlessly flow from post-image acquisition through to processing with no downtime, improving the overall efficiency of computer and mobile workflows. 

Want to know more about the Watch Folder workflows? Read this blog to learn more.

Increase Productivity by Reducing Scan times

The Triage Scan Search Type in AUTOMATE allows examinersto run a scan, using AXIOM, on only the allocated space of a disk (including special files). This can significantly speed up scan times, by reducing time spent carving in unallocated space. 

Gain Peace of Mind Around SOPs

AUTOMATE now allows you to hide draft workflows and set carved video size limits per your lab’s SOP and validation procedures.  By ensuring lab technicians and examiners use only approved workflows with settings tuned to meet the requirements for carved videos, you can feel confident that case output consistently meets quality standards. 

Magnet AXIOM 4.1 Integration Allows for Building of Analysis-Ready Cases

Build better cases faster with new advanced features introduced in AXIOM 4.1, now integrated with AUTOMATE: 

  • Scan errors are now recorded, resulting in detailed scan summaries and exception reporting in AXIOM—ensuring that processing exceptions are caught so that examiners can take the right action. 
  • Support for AXIOM 4.1 export templates gives examiners the flexibility and control to share only what they select with external stakeholders for review. This capability allows examiners to create simplified data sets enabling a clear and efficient review process across the agency. 
  • AXIOM 4.1 features such as faster filtering and the ability to find visually similar pictures to a query picture. With this integration, examiners are presented with analysis-ready cases so that they can focus their time where it matters most. 

Learn More About AUTOMATE in our Upcoming Webinar

On June 24 at 8:00AM ET & 11:00AMET (1:00PM & 4:00PM BST), we’ll be presenting “Unlock Capacity & Improve Service to Your Agency with Magnet AUTOMATE” where we’ll explore:

  • Modern digital investigation challenges
  • How Magnet AUTOMATE can help you unlock capacity and improve service to your agency by getting evidence into the hands of your investigators faster
  • What’s new with Magnet AUTOMATE 2.2, with a focus on mobile-capable workflows, including a demo of the new Watch Folders workflow.

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