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New in Magnet AUTOMATE 2.4: Enhanced Case Auditing & Validation Capabilities

With Magnet AUTOMATE 2.4, you can now improve your lab’s auditing and validation capabilities with new Case Run Detail Summary and Log Files. 

This new feature is particularly important for labs that are standards accredited or working towards accreditation, such as ISO 17025 or BS 10008. By capturing and retaining case processing details, examiners can now easily explain how original data was extracted, processed and ingested. 

With AUTOMATE 2.4, you can now audit, validate and report on which processing node, application, and application version was used in addition to other case-related data. Check out this blog post for more details about this new feature

Additionally, AUTOMATE integrates AXIOM 4.4 introducing new artifacts that help you get to your evidence faster. Check out our AXIOM 4.4 blog post to learn more about the new artifacts and features we introduced

Automation Implementation Best Practices from the Experts 

Is your lab ready for automation and orchestration but you’re unsure where or how to start?  

Magnet experts recently share the implementation best practices they utilized with forward-thinking lab managers and leaders to successfully maximize return on investment. Watch a recording of our webinar “Automation in Digital Forensics: Implementation Best Practices to Maximize ROI” and learn about: 

  • Best practices and preliminary steps for a successful Magnet AUTOMATE implementation 
  • Real agency experiences implementing key use case workflows (such as CSAM and Mobile investigations) 
  • Best practises to report on the value of automation and orchestration in your lab 

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