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New in AXIOM Cyber 5.5: Deploy One Agent to Multiple Endpoints

The latest version of Magnet AXIOM Cyber, 5.5, is now available!

You can upgrade to AXIOM Cyber 5.5 in-product or over at the Customer Portal.

In the 5.5 release, we’re beginning the journey of easier and faster management of remote acquisition agents and how to interact with the endpoints that they’re deployed on. New in AXIOM Cyber 5.5, we’ve introduced an Agent Status Dashboard that unlocks the ability to deploy an agent to multiple endpoints for 1-1 collection.

5.5 also introduces support for the ingestion of vehicle data from Berla iVe exports along with a dozen new artifacts for vehicle data from iVe. If your company has a fleet of vehicles and data generated from those vehicles could be useful in your investigations, then this new feature and Berla iVe may be an invaluable data source for you.

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Deploy One Remote Agent to Multiple Endpoints

We know that when you’re performing remote acquisitions of target endpoints, you need the technology at your fingertips to be fast. If you’ve created and configured a remote agent and then deployed it to an endpoint, you shouldn’t have to recreate and configure another agent for another endpoint.

And the good news is with AXIOM Cyber 5.5, you don’t have to. Once you’ve created and configured an agent they way that you want it, you can now deploy that agent to multiple endpoints!

This is all thanks to the new Agent Status Dashboard which displays status information about your agents that you’ve created with AXIOM Cyber, and the endpoints that they associated with.

Quickly view the status of endpoints associated with a remote agent in a new Agent Status Dashboard including:

  • Last known online time
  • Agent destruction status
  • Agent online status

And we’ve made it convenient to interact with the agent directly from the dashboard; you can choose to connect to the agent or remove it from the endpoint.

To read up more on this new feature and see a quick demo of it, check out this blog post Introducing the New Agent Status Dashboard.

Include Data from Vehicles in Your Cases

With AXIOM 5.5, we’ve now added support for Berla iVe exports, which enables users to include vehicle forensic data with all the other evidence sources in one case. This is an exciting win for examiners who are looking to plot the movements of a person of interest on Timeline with vehicle events and location data from all devices in a single case file.

Some of the initial Berla artifacts highlights that are supported in AXIOM 5.5 are waypoints, routes, velocity logs, call logs, devices, and many more. 

To learn more about examining Berla artifacts, read the blog “Examining Vehicle Data with Magnet AXIOM” by Kim Bradley.

To learn more about Berla iVe, visit

New Artifacts

  • Attached Devices (iVe)
  • Call Logs (iVe)
  • Contacts (iVe)
  • Device Info (iVe)
  • Events (iVe)
  • File Info Artifact (iVe)
  • Meta-Info (iVe)
  • Routes (iVe)
  • SMS (iVe)
  • Track Points (iVe)
  • Velocity Points (iVe)
  • Waypoints (iVe)

Updated Artifacts

  • AppCompat
  • Safari Recently Closed
  • Slack
  • Snapchat
  • Telegram
  • Video Artifacts Interpretation of EXIF data
  • WeChat
  • WhatsApp

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