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Introducing the New Agent Status Dashboard

When we initially designed Magnet AXIOM Cyber’s remote agent, we wanted it to be fast, flexible, and as lightweight as possible. That’s why we didn’t go down the route of designing an agent that gets deployed to every endpoint via a gold image for example. Feedback we received was that a gold image approach adds yet another agent to an endpoint causing agent fatigue, it can be cumbersome to manage every agent and ensure that each one is in fact alive and up to date, in addition to a whole host of other reasons. 

We took a different approach. 

We designed an ad hoc or on-demand agent that you can quickly and easily create and deploy within seconds. 

We’ve not only made configuration of remote agents simpler, we’ve introduced a new Agent Status Dashboard that now enables you to create a single agent, and deploy it to multiple endpoints. 

One of the challenges up until this point however has been having visibility to the agents that you’ve created and what endpoints they’re associated with. Now with AXIOM Cyber 5.5 and the new Agents Status Dashboard, you’ll be able to see exactly which endpoints are associated with an agent, and the status of that agent. 

As an added bonus, you have to the option to connect to the agent or remove it from the endpoint directly from the new Agent Status Dashboard. 

See the new Agent Status Dashboard in action in this video from our Director, Forensic Consultants, Trey Amick. 

And keep an eye out for further iterations to this feature in the coming months where will make it even easier and more intuitive to deploy one agent to multiple endpoints. 

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