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Magnet Axiom 8.1: Expanding on the functionality of Animated Maps, Magnet Copilot AI tools, and Magnet Exhibit Builder

Following fast on the heels of our major Magnet Axiom 8.0 release, we are thrilled to announce that Axiom 8.1 is now available!

In this release, we’ve expanded on the functionality of several recent features, adding a range of new capabilities to help you work through more data, faster, and more efficiently than ever. Axiom 8.1 includes:

  • Added features in Animated Maps – Including the ability to automatically track routes and add custom pins.
  • Magnet Copilot improvements – Expanded support for AI tools to identify synthetic media and quickly surface relevant evidence.
  • Updates to Magnet Exhibit Builder – New features and functionality facilitate further editing, collaboration, and review of reports.

To help keep your investigations current with the latest evidence sources, we have also updated and added to our artifact support.

You can upgrade to the latest version within Axiom, or at the Customer Portal. If you haven’t tried Axiom yet, request a free trial here.

Added features in Animated Maps

Introduced in our Axiom 7.10 release, animated map routes give you the ability to show the movements of devices in your evidence sources, providing valuable visual context for investigations and court testimony. Routes can be built using artifact data containing timestamps and location data—such as mobile and drone data—for specific time and date ranges.

In this release, we have expanded on this functionality with two additional features that increase the ease of use of animating your maps:

  • Custom pins – You can now add custom pins to your map routes, which can be labelled to help indicate important locations and add even more context to the map.
  • Track routes – When recording an animated map, you previously needed to move the map manually when following a route. In this release, we’ve added the option to have the map view automatically adjust to follow a single route animation.

To learn more about Animated Maps visit our blog: Moving in the Right Direction with Animated Maps

Magnet Copilot improvements

The recent surge of synthetic media or deepfakes can present significant challenges in criminal investigations, and the volume of digital evidence is ever-increasing.

Early access to Magnet Copilot was added in our last release (Axiom 8.0), and it introduced AI capabilities into Axiom to help you identify synthetic media and efficiently surface relevant evidence in your cases.

With Axiom 8.1, we’ve updated Magnet Copilot with:

  • Improvements in image processing, supporting a wider range of image formats for both image QA and synthetic media. Support includes .gif, .heic, and .tiff images.
  • An image QA function that now provides a summary report of the images matching the user’s query.

To learn more about Magnet Copilot, visit our blog and video: Identify deepfakes and quickly surface evidence with new AI tools in Magnet Axiom or explore the demo below:

Updates to Magnet Exhibit Builder

With the depth, variety, and volume of evidence in modern cases, developing engaging reports that effectively tell the story of the case for stakeholders, including those that aren’t technical, is a persistent challenge.

Magnet Exhibit Builder provides a fast and intuitive new option to elevate your digital forensic reports, combining forensic data from Axiom case files and all other external data sources using versatile word processing tools to quickly build comprehensive reports for a range of audiences.

In Axiom 8.1, we have added new functionality, giving you the ability to:

  • Optionally choose to password-protect a report when exporting reports to PDF, adding an extra layer of security to reports that may contain sensitive material.
  • Export reports to Microsoft Word (.docx format) to enable easier and broader access and collaboration with stakeholders that don’t have a license for Exhibit Builder.
  • Choose to hide media when dragging and dropping fragments and artifacts into a report—giving greater control over the visual elements included in the content.

To learn more about Exhibit Builder, read the blog post “Elevate your digital forensics reports with Magnet Exhibit Builder.”

New and updated artifacts 

Axiom 8.1 adds several artifact updates that help to ensure you are able to access the communications needed in your investigations.

This release also introduces support for Discord warrant returns. With over 500 million registered users, Discord is a popular forum for users to connect via voice, video, or text, and join private or public communities. However, with the popularity of Discord as a meeting place, it inevitably attracts malicious groups and individuals.

New Artifacts

  • Apple Keychain – Elcomsoft iOS Forensic Toolkit (EIFT) (iOS)
  • Discord Warrant returns (cloud)
  • Eufy Cached Media (Android, iOS)
  • Eufy Device Information (iOS)
  • Google Home Android, (iOS)
    • Cached Media
    • Device Information
  • Google Modern attachments (cloud)
  • iMessage for iOS 17  (cloud)
  • Kasa Cached Media (Android, iOS)
  • Kasa Device Information (iOS)
  • Kasa User Information (iOS)
  • Notifications Cached Media (iOS)
  • TeleGuard (Android)
    • Accounts Information
    • Channels
    • Contacts
    • Groups
    • Messages
    • Posts

Updated Artifacts

  • All Edge Chromium (Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS)
  • Art Health (Android, iOS)
  • Chrome Cookies (Mac, iOS, Windows)
  • Google Drive Desktop (Windows)
  • Facebook Warrant Return (cloud)
  • iMessage/SMS/MMS (iOS)
  • Instagram
    • Direct Messages (iOS)
    • Posts (Android)
  • Pictures All Platforms
  • Signal Messages (Android, iOS)
  • Tik Tok Messages (iOS)
  • Wallpaper (iOS)
  • WhatsApp Messages (Android, iOS)

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